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About to pick up a ‘15 FJ-09


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Sold a 2002 BMW K1200RS (628#) after tipping it over in the freakin driveway. Decided to get something lighter as I grow more and more decrepit. Looked around and found the FJ weighs 462# and doesn't have a fatal flaw ABS  like the BMW. I owned a 2000 Triumph Thunderbird 900 Triple a while back and the FJ seems like a modern version of that. 

Picking it up this weekend and looking forward to scooting  around south Louisiana this fall. This will be bike #31 for me (one at a time) over the past 50 years or so. 

Laissez le bon temps rouler!

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Picked it up today and rode it home. I’m a happy camper. It’s definitely a different beast from anything I’ve had before-

Previous rides:

1965? Suzuki 80cc Hillbilly

Honda CB500 Twin

1975 Gold Wing

Suzuki Volusia 800 (same bike twice)

HD V Rod (accidentally bought on EBay)

HD Sportster (3 of them)

HD Dyna (2 of them)

Aprilia Futura

Honda Magna 750 (3 of them)

Honda 750 Nighthawk

Triumph America

Triumph Thunderbird.

Triumph Speedmaster

BMW R1150R (2 of them)


BMW K1200RS (2 of them)


Yamaha 1100 Cruiser

Suzuki SV650

Suzuki 650 Wee-Strom

Yamaha 1900 Roadliner

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You have to elaborate a bit about accidentally buying a V-Rod on eBay...   :)

This was 2010. There were margaritas involved. After margaritas, I browsed EBay and saw a 2008 Bud Light giveaway V-Rod VRSCD with 600 miles on it about to end and the high bid was around $7800. I thought the bidding would get up above $10,000, so I thought to myself that a bid of $8250 had no chance of winning. I sobered up quick when it said “You are the high bidder”. Then I watched the clock tick down thinking SURELY SOMEONE would outbid me. Nope - the timer hit zero, and I was congratulated for being the high bidder. So - I had to arrange a loan and shipping and tried to figure out the best time to tell my wife.

Fast forward a couple of weeks, the bike is in the separate garage, we’re drinking margaritas, and I told her I had gotten a great deal on a bike that I would make money on, and with the profit, I would build her a covered deck! She looked at me and asked where the bike was. I told her. She asked what if she had gone in there to get the mop and bucket. The stupid margarita answered that there wasn’t much chance of that happening, was there? 

Two weeks later I sold the bike and made enough money to buy the materials to build the deck.

Fast forward a month, and 30 days of my hard labor built the covered deck.

She was so pleased with the deck, she asked when I was going to buy the next bike    so I could do more home improvement projects.

I quit drinking margaritas. 

True story.



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11 hours ago, ugatha said:

(accidentally bought on EBay)


This is how I ended up with my FJ1200. 

I'd been considering one of these beasts, and not knowing the going rate I checked ebay and saw one that was 3 hours from my house. I put on a lowball bid w/o much thought (without reading the fine print). I had absolutely no intention on buying it, and totally forgot about it. A couple of weeks later I got a congratulatory email, so I went back to see what I had gotten. Turned out to be a fixer upper. I sank a lot of money into it, and never got it to where I actually enjoyed riding it. I sold it two years later and ended up losing thousands of dollars on it.  

’70 Yamaha 125 Enduro; ’75 Honda CB360T; ’81 Yamaha XS650SH; ’82 Honda GL650 Silver Wing Interstate; ’82 Suzuki GS650L; ’87 Yamaha Virago 535; ’87 Yamaha FJ1200; ’96 Honda ST1100; ’99 Yamaha V-Star Classic; ’00 Suzuki SV650; ’07 BMW K1200GT; ’12 Suzuki DR200; ’15 Yamaha FJ-09.  Bold = current

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I got my 15 FJ-09 yesterday and so far I agree with you, It's a different kind of beast.

I traded a Super Tenere for mine, and the power difference is nuts. The S10 is a GREAT bike, but the FJ is a fun bike. i was accidentally doing power wheelies in 3rd gear!!


Congrats on the bike!


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