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Hello from Alabama


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I have a KTM 990 Adv, heavypieceofshet XR 1200, 1975 Yamaha 250 DT-B, 1971 Honda CB 750 (restored), 1967 BSA Shooting Star 250, 1981 Honda CB 650 Cafe racer. Currently restoring a 1962 Honda 305 Dream. 
I have a buddy with a 1971 CB 750. Its not restored. It's in pretty bad shape. It was his first bike, so I doubt he will ever get rid of it even though it doesn't run and he doesn't have the money to fix it.  
I have a CB450K3. Title says '71 but if I look for any parts I have to go for the '70 since that's the only year they made the K3. Mine is mostly original, not restored. It is in very good shape though considering the age. Chrome all looks good and paint is still good. It has about 10,000 miles on it. The original owner put tall handlebars on it and highway bars. I'd like to strip it back to all original but I've never done any type of restore and am nervous about taking a bike that works and messing with parts I'm not sure I can find a replacement for. I will need original length clutch and throttle cables as well as brake lines. I'd also like to find switch hardware that's in good shape before I go taking it all apart. I've heard horror stories of the innards of the switch hardware crumbling as soon as you take it apart. The high beams do not work, and a trusted mechanic said it was the switch, not the bulb that was bad. There's power going into the switch but not coming out. He suggested, don't worry about it unless you can find a replacement switch. He didn't want to take it apart and risk no lights working. That was back when I was riding it more often. Now that I have the FJ, I'd like to put more into restoring the CB450. I just have to find the time and the money to do it now.
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