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HAs anyone fitted a Scottoiler yet?


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I have had the bike for just over a month now, and having shown it to a few of my fellow riders they recomened to fit a Scottoiler, (a few of them have them on their own bikes).  So i ordered one but now i dont know how is the best way to fit it. 
Has any one fitted one yet, and if so how?
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Do you have the V or E version?
Nozzle fitting on the chain end is the same for both. The E system is electronic and just needs a battery connection. plus somewhere to mount the reservoir and control panel. Note, a friend has just fitted one and you do not need to have the control panel on the bars, it can go under the seat as you won't use it often.
The V system needs a vacuum connection from one of three spigots on the inlet manifold. These are used when balancing the throttle bodies. To locate them you will have to lift off the tank and airbox.
Scottoiler make a very helpful PDF and maybe youtube video if you go to their website. Search for the MT09 (UK name) or FZ09 if the Tracer is not listed as the procedure will be identical. They also have a Facebook page with a FZ09 installation here:
[facebook url=https://www.facebook.com/scottoiler/posts/615013001878917]
Search for the other stuff here http://www.scottoiler.com/us/installation-guides.html
Installation is quite an easy procedure just time consuming. Set it up right first time and it all you will need to do after that is top up the oil.
I have fitted an alternative brand of oiler which I will review once I have done the permanent install but need to fit my luggage first.
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Thanks its the V system. I have looked at the scottoiler site and no they don't have the tracer on there yet. I will have to have a proper look at how to fit it.
as I said up there a bit - look at their guide for the MT09, the fitment is identical as the bikes share the same fuel injection system and swing arm, which are the bits you will be interested in for attaching the vacuum tube & oil delivery tube. You may need to find a different location for the oiler valve unit, itself. If you look at the passenger footrest hangers, you have 2 threaded holes for attaching luggage brackets. As long as fitment does not interfere with your luggage choice these are an obvious place to attach one of the brackets supplied with the kit for the oil valve/reservoir.  
Look at youtube - even for other models as this will give you an idea of what is a fairly simple plumbing job, especially on getting the oil feed tube in the right place. Try to get the oil to dribble onto the rear sprocket at the 6-9pm position. This way the oil will be easily spread over the chain by the sprocket and reduce fling - although fling is required as it is a total loss system to keep the chain clean & lubed. The idea is any muck is absorbed by the oil and flings off onto the windscreen of the car behind, or more likely, the rear of your numberplate. If you use a non-sticky oil like Scottoil then cleaning the bike will be quite easy. A light engine oil works fine e.g. 10W/40, thicker if you travel to Spain e.g. 20w/50. Or, for simplicity, use the blue or red Scottoil depending on ambient temperature. 
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Here is how I installed mine:
There's enough room under the seat to mount the controller and reservoir/pump. I didn't want the controller up on the bars and I have heard people having issues with them getting water inside. The feed line goes up near the tail light and down the side behind the plastic.
There's a hole under the seat (near the R/R) where I fed the line out and then hid it behind the subframe support. There is the visible but hardly noticeable black ziptie and another I hid behind the red plastic up top.
From the subframe support the line goes behind the frame and comes out above the sprocket cover. I installed the stick on clip on the inside of the cover and then it runs over the rear set down to the swing arm. I left enough slack from the frame to the swing arm so it won't tighten as it compresses. It's secure enough as well so if the clip inside the sprocket cover falls off the line won't contact the chain.
The rest of the clips run under the swing arm out of view unless you are looking from ground level.
It actually does coat both sides of the chain and while it does fling oil, it all ends up on the bottom of the left pannier. Don't mind the condition of the chain, I was too zealous about cleaning it and ended up having premature oring failure... A new set of chain/sprockets will be here in a few days and I'll let the Scottoiler do the work next time.
Oh and the nozzle mount will get a coat of black paint to hide it better, but I like it! It works great and keeps the chain clean and lubed!
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