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Wrong Clutch Kit

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I got a clutch kit for my 17 FJ-09 (with slipper clutch) a few months ago and went to put it in today.  The Dealer sold me the wrong one. Sold me IRC-W001G-00 for 14-16 (w/o slipper clutch). The fact that it came with 6 springs instead of three should have been my first clue. Anyone know what parts can be used from the non slipper clutch ?  The whole stack is taller and all the plates won't fit in the basket.

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Answered my own question.  So the plates are the same but the slipper clutch has 3 different friction plates and one different steel plate and the springs are different. So off to the dealer on Tuesday but no riding for me until then .. sigh

17  (slipper clutch)

6-Plate, Friction 5TA-16321-00-00

3-Plate, Friction 2 B90-16331-00-00

5-Plate, Clutch 2 (T2.0) 5VY-16325-00-00

1-Plate, Clutch 1 1TD-16324-00-00

3-Spring, Compression B90-16173-00-00

15  (non slipper clutch)

7-Plate, Friction INCL. IN CLUTCH PLATE KIT 5TA-16321-00-00

8-Plate, Clutch 2 INCL. IN CLUTCH PLATE KIT 5VY-16325-00-00

6-Spring, Compression INCL. IN CLUTCH [+] 90501-230A0-00


Also figured out why this happened. If you use the yamaha parts finder to look up a clutch kit for a 17 FJ-09 .. it does not come up, no entry for a 17. I "think" the one it should list is the same as the 18 MT-09  It's part # is B90-W001G-00-00 .. the kit they sold me is IRC-W001G-00


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