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Crash bars for GT

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Protect your motorcycle with great looking GIVI TN2139 Crash...

are a great set actually made for the Tracer.  You can get a cheaper version from Kappa (which are the same bars, made in the same factories, but sold cheaper because they don't carry the Givi name) and save a bit of cash.  Here's an example: 


Kappa engine guard for Yamaha Tracer 900, Tracer 900 GT 18-19...


There's also SW Motec bars, though IMHO they're inferior as they don't protect the lower engine casings. 

Generally speaking MT09 crash bars will probably fit the Tracer - the engine mounts are the same - but the front triangular panels on the Tracer don't exist on the MT09, so there may be interference with them.  I'd definitely look at proper Tracer bars. 

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Thank you this is very helpful I was looking at the above because I already have lower protection and wanted to protect the top but did not think the triangular panels may be a problem I was only thinking about the mounting points. Thanks again.

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