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Two questions for you...

Guest lawrenceofsuburbia

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Guest lawrenceofsuburbia
1 - I saw a mention of an [strong]'enlarged tool tray'[/strong] here: trying to find the original post via the Search option, using different permutations of words, unearthed - [em]nothing![/em]   I assume there was a pic or two with the original post: could someone please direct me to it.
2 - Looking for a couple of 'Yamaha' [strong]fabric badges[/strong] - iron-on or sew-on - for my jackets. Have searched high and low on E Bay to no avail. Any ideas please folks?
Picking up the bike at noon today...
L of S
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Guest lawrenceofsuburbia
Hi Lawrence 
What colour are you getting ?
Looking forward to some pics !
Ebay has some Yamaha patches.

Thanks, Rob - I had been looking for 'badges', etc - didn't think to refer to 'patches'.   Will I now be considered an outlaw...? Thanks also for referring to the tool-tray post - seems a good idea to free-up some space down there.   I'll be doing it too.
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