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Scorpion Abrams Riding Shirt


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While I appreciate the protective qualities of my 2 piece leathers, I'm happy to not be asked if I'm cosplaying when I step off the bike.

I like to find gear the looks mostly normal but still provides protection. I've been using kevlar or Cordura lined pants for in-town commuting for many years. My wife got me Bohn armored leggings for milder day rides to wear under the pants. 

Now she bought me the Scorpion Abrams shirt and CE level 1 shoulder/elbow pads and a level 2 back pad. Armor is sold separately. With the armor the shirt is slightly cheaper than the RevIt and Alpine* riding shirts.

It's basically a heavy cotton shirt with mesh jacket material for a liner. The materials should be at least as protective as a mesh jacket. Seams are double stitched. 

The size chart is close to accurate. It's got an "American" fit with no tapering at the waist. I'm 5'10" with a 44" chest and 35" waist (trying to get back to 32") and the size large is very comfortable. You could try to size down if you're at the bottom of the range for a size. 

First ride review - it flows air better than a Klim Goretex Pro jacket but not as well as a true mesh jacket. It will get hot sitting in traffic in Mississippi in the summer, but at that point so will a t-shirt. Moving, I'd guess 55 to maybe 85 will be a good temperature range. There is room underneath for long sleeves. If I need a heated jacket I'll wear the Klim not this.  It's bulkier than a button down shirt but it's pretty close to looking normal although the back pad outline is noticeable. It's very comfortable. Lots of pockets but using them will add to the bulk. 

In short, seems like good gear for a business casual office or running errands in town and maybe a mellow day ride with good weather. 

EDITED TO ADD: I've probably ridden in this shirt 20 times now. Still comfortable. Below 60 with a t-shirt you get a lot of wind down the neck so it can get a little chilly. Good up to 90. After that you're going to sweat even moving. 





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40 minutes ago, kmh0 said:

Interesting, I wasn't aware of something less than mesh summer jackets. 

This is a heavy cotton (like jeans but not denim) with liner they claim is basically their mesh jacket material. Hotter than a true mesh jacket but looks more like normal clothes. 

Some of the other riding shirts are basically a relatively thin waxed cotton compared to a jacket or a cotton/Kevlar blend. I think A* shirts are CE AA rated for slide protection so about the same as a lot of jackets out there. 

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