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  1. Just picked up a set of Bridgestone S22's for $242.90 shipped. For that price I thought I'd give them a try.
  2. Have an old bike you want to get rid of? Can't sell it? If you're in the SE Pennsylvania area, why not donate it to help train future mechanics? Plus if you itemize you can get a tax deduction, providing of course you can under the new tax law. The Chester County Intermediate Unit's MC Technicians program is looking for motorcycle donations to be used to train high school students looking to become motorcycle mechanics. I don't really have any more information than that, but if you have any questions to Rons@cciu.org Thanks for your indulgence.
  3. Hey Piotrek, thanks for taking me along and bringing back some awesome memories! The River Rupert is a mere shadow of its former self. A B&B in Chisasibi! And it looks like they paved at least part of the road out to Chisasibi, it was all gravel both times I was up there. I'll have to make note of the B&B in the event I get up there again (camped both times I was up there on 2 wheels), as these gettin' older bones aren't so much for laying on the ground these days. Thanks again for the report.
  4. Hey Piotrek, thanks for taking me along and bringing back some awesome memories! The River Rupert is a mere shadow of its former self. A B&B in Chisasibi! I'll have to make note of that in the event I get up there again (camped both times I was up there on 2 wheels). Thanks again for the report.
  5. stopped in my local Yammie dealer today to get some oil filters. They have a new 2017 FJ-09, list $10,699, tagged at $8,998. Montgomeryville Cycle Center in Hatfield, PA. Blue color, don't know if that's a good deal or not but thought I'd pass on the info.
  6. More good info... much appreciated. I can do 2L of spare fuel in the tool tubes, good for ~40km. I usually call ahead to pre-planned fuel stops to verify that they're open when I get there. Do you recall where you picked up fuel for the long stretch? I will most likely go mid September. Doesn't sound like December is a good time to go. There's a service center about 250 miles up, gas was available 24 hours when I was last up, but you should put James Bay Road in your favorite search engine for current info. There's gas in Radisson at the northern end as well as lodging. I camped both times I was up there, you could pretty much camp where you want, and there were established sites along the way which were in nice places. There were also bunks available at the service center, mostly used by truckers, and a cafeteria as well. Remember all these things are in place to service the workers for the power industry and logging that goes on in the area, not geared to tourists. There's not a lot of traffic to support. I took a 2 gallon can bungied on my top case as
  7. I didn't know it was possible to ride all the way to Hudson Bay. I'm learning all sorts of new things here - like it is now possible to ride all the way to the Arctic Ocean on the Dempster Highway. This forum is creating all sorts of new riding adventures for me!The James Bay Road is a private road owned and maintained by Hydro Quebec that runs from Matagami, Quebec to Radisson, Quebec. You can then ride west to the Cree Village of Chisasibi on the James Bay, which is south of the Hudson Bay but darrn close. You DO have to stop and sign in at the start of the road, and sign out on the way back, as they like to know if they need to go look for missing people. The boreal forest turning to tundra is something to see, as are the waterways along the route. Plan on camping, in fact you'll want to. The first time I did it in 2003 we saw the northern lights as they aren't seen anywhere but up there every night. There's lots of info on the interwebs if you search on it. It truly is a splendid motorcycle trip. Note also that you're on the First People's land up there and respect it. There are some rules you need to know if you take a fishing rod along, etc. but its an unforgettable trip.
  8. Thanks for the tip... totally neglected to account for this.No problem. I went up both times in early September (plus a hunting trip up there in December where it was -40 for the three days I hunted) and it was a good time to go. I would recommend fitting a gas can in somewhere, as the first gas you hit is on the fringe of the FJ's limit. I had to use the gas on my first trip on a V65 Sabre, but didn't bother on the ST1100 on the 2nd go round.
  9. Bummer to have to cancel a trip. This one is in my plan for September... last long-ish outing of the season. Might go see the Bourassa power station while up there. I hear it's quite a facility. I've been up twice but didn't do the tour either time. I hear its really something to see, and if I get back up there may try to do it. Pretty sure you want to get in touch with them and schedule it in advance.
  10. Sorry, just saw this and although its no help, I have the Brandon Cruise on my 2015 and it works fine. I vaguely recall that the beep sequence I got after install wasn't initially correct. I had to re-initiate the procedure until 3rd time was the charm. Its a shame he stopped making it, based on my experience its been a reliable unit.
  11. I had been hoping to recreate a trip I've done twice in the past, up the Route de la Baie-James to Radisson, and over to Chisasibi to stick my feet in the icy waters of the James Bay, where Quebec and Nunavut meet. Alas, the plans fell apart, so I'll have to just look at these pix until (hopefully) next year.
  12. Immediate predecessor was a 2012 Honda NT700VAA, the first new bike I bought since 1984 when I bought a V65 Sabre than I had for 23 years. I cursed both of them ,as they both were only US Models for 2 years. The NT700 was the Honda Civic of motorcycles, boring as hell. Interestingly I put my longest mileage day ever on that bike, 1200 miles. It was competent in just about every way but never got into my sould
  13. I've had the Givi tall for over a year now. I'm 6' even and see over it fine, even if adjusted to the high setting. It increases the angle slightly over the Yamaha 'touring' screen, which for me improved buffeting.