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  1. Have had it for around 6 weeks now. Got only about 1200kms on it so far. I have the 2029 se lt version. initial thoughts: riding position is way more comfortable and the significant difference in suspension shines through. On the FJ, I balked at changing out the handlebar, seat & suspension and after 3 years chose to change the bike out instead. Long rides were becoming very painful frankly. I can say that clearly seems resolved. But... yet to do a week long ride and should know better then. cruise control & the quick shifter are awesome too. Love the electronic suspension. where the FJ felt better: lighter weight & frankly that engine! Yet to see that raw torquey feel on any other bike.
  2. Shad cases are now pending pick up. 3P rack available for sale: $150 obo
  3. Tks... Honestly if my new bike (Versys 1k) didn’t already come with panniers, I’d have retained these. They are indeed perfect for touring.
  4. Selling my shad sh36 side cases with 3P mount system (for 2015-2017). Also includes the inner liner bags which make it super convenient to haul in stuff on trips. in excellent condition, comes with all mounting screws etc. i am based near Toronto & shipping can be arranged if needed basis actual costs. price for both, 3p system & shad cases: CAD 600 (USD 450) obo.
  5. So emailed them & they are confirmed that the only option is to wait for them to re-open. So patience i suppose
  6. Hi @Wintersdark : where in Canada did you order the Tutoro from? The UK option is currently closed and I was wondering if there is a dealer in Canada. A search only showed up Europe for me.
  7. im a bit of a wiring noob... looking to connect a rear light bar to the indicators & brake lights... could you share how you wired yours?
  8. Weekend ride around the adirondack mountains with @piotrek
  9. I picked up it from Shad itself with the cases eventually
  10. What about using a drip charger instead of removing the battery? Or need to do both? My first Canadian winter after having stayed in Asia all this week...
  11. This was a super useful thread as @Piotrek & me installed the heated grips on my bike over this last weekend... many thanx @Ulewz
  12. 2017: significant improvement in the throttle / fuelling. No more jerks etc. No need felt to flash the ecu. Minor irritants like mode resetting everytime you switch off the bike are also absent in the 2017 etc. etc. Also: of course the 2017 white is faster. Ha