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  1. im a bit of a wiring noob... looking to connect a rear light bar to the indicators & brake lights... could you share how you wired yours?
  2. Looking for a sargent seat, preferably in Canada to ease shipping. FJ-09
  3. Weekend ride around the adirondack mountains with @piotrek
  4. I picked up it from Shad itself with the cases eventually
  5. What about using a drip charger instead of removing the battery? Or need to do both? My first Canadian winter after having stayed in Asia all this week...
  6. This was a super useful thread as @Piotrek & me installed the heated grips on my bike over this last weekend... many thanx @Ulewz
  7. 2017: significant improvement in the throttle / fuelling. No more jerks etc. No need felt to flash the ecu. Minor irritants like mode resetting everytime you switch off the bike are also absent in the 2017 etc. etc. Also: of course the 2017 white is faster. Ha
  8. @piotrek can really craft beautiful routes to ride through! Had a ton of fun on this ride.
  9. This isn't unique or peculiar to this bike. I had a couple of Kawasaki's before this and they had the same design system. Works well imo. Gives the needed luminance. (I hope you aren't comparing it to how a car is set up?)
  10. So after a lot of follow up with the Shad US guys who followed up with the Shad Europe factory, they have updated their instruction guide & emailed me a copy of the same. Attached for future reference for others.
  11. Shad SH48 & SH36 combo. Use it with inner bags. Went thru torrential rains, not a drop inside! Love these.