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  1. Thanks betoney, I'll check that first thing tomorrow morning. JimSTer
  2. I installed an MC Cruise Control. And as you know the brake light is what trips the off switch. It was then that I realized that my rear brake light was not tripping the CC until I press real hard with my foot. Of course I almost always use the front brake and rear in unison. And didn't notice the problem until many miles alter. I can't get a wrench on the nut the holds the rear brake light switch in order to adjust it. And I can't get the heal guard off the bike. Prior to mounting the CC, one of the mounting screws on the heal guard worked it's way out and was lost. I then replaced it with a stainless steel item for the hardware store after applying some blue LocTight. What's the best way to get the Loc Tight to loosen up so that I can remove the heal guard? Hey, thanks a million, guys.
  3. Thanks Korydz. I did my install without a problem. There was plenty of room as I installed the computer for the MC Cruise under the seat bracket. All good and thanks again. JimSTer
  4. Is it possible to get some close up photos with some better lighting? With all of that black it's difficult to make out the details. However it looks to me as though there is a different bag mount bar built into the crash bar. Please correct me if I'm wrong. And I apologizes that I've been on a bit of a hiatus and haven't been working on the ones that I've designed. I've been trying to build something resembling the crash bars designed for the Kawasaki Versys. However that's going to change real soon.
  5. So far I've got my eye on a Velorex. Nice and modern looking as some of those area really ugly. Even more so than the Ural.
  6. And I've already got one of those sidecars as well. Thanks anyway, JimSter
  7. Has anyone ever installed a side car on their FJ09/Tracer 900? Or does anyone know where there would be some information on such an install? Thanks, JimSTer
  8. Could you tell us who quoted the price of these bars at AU$2500? I'm thinking they were quoting the entire police package not just the bars.
  9. Is it possible to get some close ups of how they are made from the French police?
  10. I sure wish that I could find someone that's making rear crash bars to protect my beautiful saddle bags. The Kawasaki Versys has the same type of rear swing arm set up and there's more than one manufacture making crash bars for them. So what gives?🙄
  11. Nice video on the Givi engine guard bars. However, I would like to have some crash bars that will protect my FJ09 Yamaha saddle bags. And since I just had the bag lids painted to match the beautiful red Yamaha finish I'm a little hesitant to ride with them on the bike. Now if this isn't fine conundrum, I don't know what is?😧
  12. Well I had my FJ09 accidentally up to 112 MPH indicated when the front started to wobble. Luckily I was able to slow quick enough to avoid a tank slapper. BTW, Joe what's the make and size of your bag that you mount on the rear seat? My Kona water proof that I bought through a group buy on the ST site about 10-11 years ago, gave up on me. One of the seams just parted and that was all she wrote. That bag was just a little too long and made it difficult to open the side cases. I need something that about 20" long so that it won't lay over the side bag locks.
  13. I'm trying to find someone that has either bought or built a set of crash bars for the FJ09 to protect the saddle bags in case of a minor drop, ANYBODY????