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  1. Well I had my FJ09 accidentally up to 112 MPH indicated when the front started to wobble. Luckily I was able to slow quick enough to avoid a tank slapper. BTW, Joe what's the make and size of your bag that you mount on the rear seat? My Kona water proof that I bought through a group buy on the ST site about 10-11 years ago, gave up on me. One of the seams just parted and that was all she wrote. That bag was just a little too long and made it difficult to open the side cases. I need something that about 20" long so that it won't lay over the side bag locks.
  2. I'm trying to find someone that has either bought or built a set of crash bars for the FJ09 to protect the saddle bags in case of a minor drop, ANYBODY????
  3. But if I try to paint instead. Can you tell me how you did the painting? Spraycan. spray gun, etc? Thanks much
  4. I really like this thread. I'm planning to try the carbon look wrap but may for the paint before I'm done. Either way the bike will look much better than stock. Thanks much, Jim
  5. A quick story about my experience with the check engine light. Myself and two of my good friends installed a MC Cruise last Sunday on my 2015 FJ09. All went well and after we finished up with some other items that weren't finished yet I was unable to ride it until today. After the guys had left I was working on some other items and when I turned on the ignition I had a check engine light on. And after checking out our web site I found this thread and read it over and over several times. I was intrigued with all of the info. And I decided to check the most simple solution first. During the cruise installation we had to run the engine in gear at some fair speed in 4-5 gear. The bell rung and I guessed that maybe I would be lucky enough to try the short ride. With all of the wet weather I had to wait until today to get out and ride the bike. I rolled out of the driveway into the street, and within ten feet the check engine light went out. So what I was assuming would be a short check ride, the light went out and I turned it into a wonderful check ride for the cruise control. Yes, a lovely day. And thanks to all of you that contributed here. JimSter
  6. I would rate this post as a GOLD MINE.😀
  7. Thanks a million for the schematic. That's just what I needed. Gotter done😀
  8. Thanks so much for your input, guys. At this point I still haven't made up my mind. However, I currently have the bike all undressed for an MC Cruise install this weekend. And of course that would be a great time to have it done.
  9. I'm trying to locate a thread of what wire to tap into on my15 FJ09.
  10. I'm in Iowa City, and you have to hunt for interesting roads. Usually I go to NE Iowa or SW Wisconsin to enjoy tons of great roads to ride. These are nearly perfect for the FJ09. Jim
  11. Still no Sargent seat for the Tracer GT?
  12. I've had one of the screens on since day one. Love it and wouldn't be without it.