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  1. Sorry Graham, just now saw your question. It's the Doran 360M system. Unfortunately it's no longer available! The local tire shop screwed up one of the sensors and now I can't get a replacement. I'm looking for another system also now.
  2. I can't seem to find my original install instructions but wondering if I missed something. The 3 screws do just go from the inside of the top box directly into the pad, right? The only thing I remember was something about a minimal torque setting for the screws. I was careful not to overtighten the screws. I even checked the tightness of the screws a while back to make sure they hadn't loosened and did tighten a couple of them.
  3. I got the backrest pad for the 39L Yamaha top case. It comes with 3 screws to attach the pad to the topcase. The screws go from the inside of the top case and screw into the back of the pad. After a couple of months the screws worked their way out of the foam pad and I was lucky not to lose the pad. This is a really poor design as the screws screw directly into the foam pad. The pad should come with some kind of insert to screw into rather than just the foam. Has anyone else had this same problem and found a good solution? I'm tempted just to use gorilla glue on the whole surface of the pad.
  4. Yes! From many years ago - 2005? Great bike but the US tank was too small!
  5. Great, thanks. I have the workshop manual, but not with me right now. Is it obvious which wire is the tail light wire?
  6. I've already used one of the additional power plugs behind the dash for a tire pressure monitoring system. I want to power a Zumo 665, radar detector, cell phone charger - all up front. Plus a circuit for a heated jacket but that outlet would come from the Fuzeblock routed under the seat by the back of the tank
  7. I have a Fuzeblock from a previous bike install. I want to install it under the seat and run several power cables from it under the tank to the front of the bike and had a few questions. Is there room under the seat for the Fuzeblock - looks like it would be pretty tight, Is it necessary to remove the tank to run cables from under the seat to the front - looks like that would be the cleanest way to do it The Fuzeblock needs a connection to a switched circuit to power the built in relay. Has anyone done this and which wire did you tap into? Thanks!
  8. I can't seem to find the plug I cut off. Maybe it was light grey. It was definitely the lighter color of the two that were there and yes, had 2 cylindrical connectors. The the other was a square and black.I wasn't too concerned with the amperage since I was only connecting a TPM. I'm sure it is a fused circuit.
  9. I just went through this on my 900GT to install a tire pressure monitor. I took the easy way out and just cut off the white connector behind the dash and connected the new wire with bullet connectors. The only problem is that you don't have much wire to work with. If I wanted to connect something else later there's almost wire left to work with.
  10. Thanks - price looks pretty good on the Ebay sale also.
  11. Has anyone one found any custom side bag liners for the 900 GT? I saw where someone said FJR liners work. Was looking for some specifically for the GT.
  12. I just got through changing the rear tire on my Tracer 900 GT. There are 2 spacers on the rear wheel, one on the left and one on the right. It's obvious which is which - the left is bigger but I was just watching a YouTube video and the guy was saying that each had to be put back with the correct side inside - that there was some machining the meant they had to be replaced the correct way. When I was putting mine back in, the 2 sides of each looked identical. Did I miss something. The wheel went back on OK as far as I can tell. Also is the axle nut torque really 100 ft/lb?
  13. sorry, I had assumed the Nikon GT bags would be the same as the Tracer GT bags. I have the Tracer GT and been through a couple of toad stranglers with no problems with the hard bags. My bad!