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  1. awesome, ty guys. I hope its straight bolt on with screws they provided since i am very bad with complex mechanical stuff
  2. U mean these? Tusk Handlebar Risers | Parts & Accessories | Rocky Mountain ATV/MC WWW.ROCKYMOUNTAINATVMC.COM The Tusk Handlebar Riser Kit makes it easy to increase the handlebar height on your motorcycle or ATV. Tusk handlebar risers... My confusion was what size as tracer handlebar in Middle looks thick. 11/8 size? Or keep 7/8 size?
  3. Great help, can you guys post part number or online link to find the exact item?
  4. ton of patience and lot of elbow grease. And after a week it slowly starting to come off on one particular tricky curvy section. Rest is holding up. led flasher need either a resistor or change the led flasher relay to have the correct "blink rate" , i think thats what it called. this is on the fz09
  5. Which brand you went with? Any model number link?
  6. Thank you Randy, will order them and see if I can make it work.
  7. Woooot, small world. I saw your review on amazon and was trying to see if any way to contact you to get more details haha when you say grind small amount of perch, where is that? And will me being a mediocre mechanic able to pull it off?
  8. Saw the same brand installed in YouTube videos on fz9 etc looked like straight fit. I wonder why the tracer having an issue
  9. Just wondering if any body Installed set of eBay/ amazon levers for tracer. I tried getting a pair description said fits fj09. It was some fxcnc brand. Actually well made for the price. But didn’t fit. I should say it fit well with the perch and all, just the neutral switch on the gt pushed the lever way out over stretching the clutch cable. If any one have a set installed which was direct plug and plug and plz share the link. I never used them shorty levers before and want to try cheaper pair before spending big coins for super brands.
  10. I tried installing cheap eBay levers. The process was pretty easy once hand guard is off. But unfortunately the levers did not match I went back to stock
  11. Hi, Did you find any way to install adjustable levers
  12. just wondering if any one went with bar end mirrors on the tracer. quick search on forums popped up some random post on people trying it on older models. Just wondering if any one went with the bar end on newer models and got some pics to share. Alsp before i order the mirrors from ebay any thing i need to keep en ey on regarding the thread pattern etc. I wish i knew a model that was direct bolt on.
  13. How many miles do people usually feel comfortable going with full synthetic oil change? Asking for tracer GT if that makes any difference which I guess it doesn’t at all
  14. I haven’t done the full delete yet, I just took off the main clunk in the back to see how it looks, just zip tied my plate on it for now lol
  15. The gloss just make it appear like that on the pic, it’s different matte color finish. honestly it’s not a perfect fitment. Gaps in between etc if your stickler for that you won’t like it. Just for a difference you can try it. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F123293908966