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  1. I heard some other fella mention the middle one iirc not lining up correctly. I guess it’s the whole batch issue. I hope I can make it work well
  2. After dilly dallying aroundni finally bit the bullet and ordered the Yamaha oem drl blinkers. For the rear rear I ordered the custom dynamics tail light blinker combo. Very nicely made kit, straight fit , no cut split nothing. Plug and play install in 10 mins Max.
  3. Great, What were the difficulties you ran into? I am a mediocre DIY guy, not the greatest mechanic. Will I be able to tackle this job easy? How you liking the sound with the dbK in? Heard these model the dbK cannot be removed, not sure.
  4. @bugiecurious about why arrow? Looks / sound? I personally went with the yoshi y series/ haven’t installed yet. Went with yoshi for that sound and no immediate reflash need etc
  5. Ty for this post, I was just about to post similar question. I want to clean up the side panel and to remove actually the whole names tracer Gt everything. All can be done by just “hair dryer technique “ right. As in none of these things are under clear coat and stuff ?
  6. Will look into those, looks very bright. Ouch x arc price is closing in on them oem blinkers. Might as well fork it out and bite the bullet. I like the option of oem blinkers having white running light like the head lights
  7. Day time running light @wordsmith ty, will give it a try. Yes, I always give the eBay stuff a try and never dismiss without an attempt. Lot of good results . The blinker I just installed one yesterday. Looks good but not bright enough if suns out and shiny
  8. @Cruizin I think I came across some rizoma stuff like these as well, don’t think they have drl option on them.
  9. Been searching for a bang for buck led blinker plus dry set up. Either it’s the awesome but Expensive Yamaha OEM indicators at around 150 or it’s the cheap eBay no good stuff selling for 10 to 20 bucks. Has anybody found any good all Choice right in the middle, like bright enough , quality enough but not super expensive. Saw couple but they don’t seem to have drl function.
  10. @prn please update so in future it helps others as well
  11. @bugie anyway you could post an underside pic of the beak at the attachment points?