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  1. I was not pre-loading the shift lever. The break-in oil was replaced as recommended by Yamaha's instructions. Full synthetic now. I have never experienced this before, only occurring once, but I also have never accidentally shifted to Neutral from 1st, and it happened at least twice today. Does the bike have a lockout shifting from neutral to second? What would cause the bike from preventing me to shift to second while holding in the clutch? The bike ran fine for a good 50 miles on some backroads after this happened, but im concerned now. I have a big roadtrip on it planned for April. Thanks for your help.
  2. I have a 2019 Tracer 900 with almost 1700 miles (bought new). Today while riding I shifted from 1st and it went to Neutral, not 2nd. I had held it in first for a fair bit up to around 35mph. I pulled in the clutch and attempted to shift to second from neutral. It wouldn't go. I heard a clicking/knocking? sound when moving the shifter up (while I had the clutch completely pulled in). I had to shift down to 1st, then back up to second. Is this normal? I had one other instance today where it went to neutral from 1st. Maybe its rider error (not enough force shifting with my foot), but this had never occurred before in 1700 miles.
  3. Added Shad Racks, SH35 cases, Yamaha 50L top Case, Givi Engine Guards and Highway Pegs. Borg Warner 177281 Turbocharger.
  4. I just added the Shad 3p system to my Tracer 900. I then ended up finding a crazy deal on amazon for SH-35 cases, Racks (for a different bike), and inner bags for $140. Those cases by themselves go for over $500. Amazon has a kooky pricing algorithm.
  5. Your FJ/Tracer next to a muscle car. Classic or Modern.
  6. Hi everyone! Picked up a new Tracer 900 a few weeks ago. I've done about a 1,000 miles on it so far. Love it! Previous bike is a 1982 Honda CM450 (47Hp, Drum Brakes). Looking to use the Tracer for weekend regional touring/camping trips.
  7. Or ditch the tent and go with a hammock/underquilt/tarp setup. Basically the same weight but much more comfortable. No worrying about level ground, rocks, rain run off etc. Just need 2 trees 😀. I have a nice ultrlight tarptent, but since getting a proper 12 foot hammock, never use it. If you want ultralight weight, check out cuben tents.
  8. Do you know if the lower mounting brackets that worked on 2015-2017 Fj-09's would fit the 2019 ?
  9. It is my understanding that the 2019 Tracer 900 included saddlebags mount (previous versions did not). Many fj-09 owners use FJR saddlebags. Does anyone know if these will also work on 2019 Tracers? I am interested in Saddlebags, but its not clear which will work besides the factory ones available for the GT.
  10. Howdy all, just picked up a brand new 2019 Tracer 900 and did a 500 mile trip over the weekend through Skyline Drive in Virginia and portions of MD/PA. Bike is amazing, a huge difference from my previous bike, a 1982 Honda CM450. So now I am getting set to do the 600 mile service and notice what appears to be creases/cracks/irregularities(?) in the engine next to the oil window. Does this look odd to you? Anyone else have this? I went to a different bike store near me to pick up yamalube and they had another new Tracer 900, which had similar markings as well, so I'm not sure what to make of it.