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  1. Hi folks, thanks for the replies. When replacing the brake hose, are the hoses going to the ABS pump to be changed as well?
  2. I have a 2016 Tracer and I'd like to install braided brake hoses, but I'm concerned about the procedure for putting brake fluid in the system and bleeding the system with reference to the the ABS. Can it be performed at home or is it a shop task?
  3. Hello Dodgy fella. I don't reside too far from yo, in Pembrokeshire. Are your knees a mess? or just your mind? 

    1. Dodgy Knees

      Dodgy Knees

      Hi Dave,

      ye,  knees weren't too good in the summer, got me an exercise bike and now all is good. Think they call it magic. My mind has always been in tatters.  🙂

  4. For what it is worth, not going into the psychology of colour choice in our daily lives, would take too long: but to get to the point of your mundane query, mine is Red, especially after a hard night, Oh, I digress, that's another subject entirely. Yes, mine is Red and sore. There ya go Tracerforme.
  5. Watching Utube blogs the other day and a guy from the US comment on why the FJ 09 had a speed limiter fitted on them. He reckons it's because the bike goes into a tank slapper at around the 115 mph mark, and he said his did. Does anyone know of problems with the handling at high speeds?
  6. Hi Dodgy Knees, thanks for the advice. Guess what? I've put a deposit on an immaculate 2016 Tracer, used, one lady owner, low milage and my kind of colour, Red.
  7. Hello to all you members. I've just signed into this site. I live in the Lovely city of Swansea, South Wales, in the UK. I don't own a bike @ the moment as my previous bike, a Honda VFR1200F was stolen three weeks ago. It hasn't been recovered. I'm planning to buy a Yamaha MT 09 Tracer nearer to the Summer time, as it's coming Winter soon. I'm so impressed with the Tracer 900 I don't know why I've never looked at one before! l'm a mature rider, in fact I'm 63. You could say I'm a returning rider as I only started riding again a year and a half ago. So, bring on the Summer.