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Is this the new FJ-09?

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Welcome to FJ-09.org The place to share, learn and dream of the soon to be released Yamaha FJ-09.
Is this the new FJ-09?
The FZ-09 engine is amazing, with gobs of torque to be had in the lower RPM ranges. Surely, this would be put to great use in a sport touring machine or Dual sport machine.
Either way, this could end up being the bike of the year. Or the bike of the century. The do it all Bike with balls. The Dual Sport that can pull off power wheelies in the first four gears.
So, I give you this new message board, to discuss, learn and dream of this new motorcycle coming from Yamaha and promise to make it the essential fj09 fan site, welcoming all in a fun and creative environment.
Welcome to fz09.org. The ultimate playground for fj09 owners and dreamers. Let the journey begin!
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