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Mad Stad windscreen, Sargent Seat

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Saturday I got my MadStad windscreen after a short 2 week lead time, most pleased. Today I got my Sargent Seat after a day or 2 past one week, again most pleased. This is my 2nd MadStad ( 1st went on an F800GT bmw). The newest went on my 2020 Tracer 900GT. Easy install which I will try out if we 30 min without rain soon! The screen itself is wider than stock, and 2 " taller by order. The lower wings block what wind come up over the bars. Need to ride with it to experiment with the angle etc, but I have no doubt it will be a huge improvement.

The Sargent seat for the rider is wider and slightly more dished than the OEM. I had called about fitment to be sure I knew what I was getting. I was told it is not a low seat, fit standard height OEM Tracer 900GT. The seat looks great, the dish is slightly greater than the POS OEM, has a good seat feel to it on my arse, and looks good. BUT, the tabs on the Sargent do not match up with the stock tabs on the bike, specifically the brackets on the frame rail beside the seat locking section. There are plastic brackets with blocks on them stock on the bike, that work with the OEM seat pan. The Sargent seat has 2 claw like pieces that appear like they should fit over those blocks, as well as an alignment tab on the Left side, but they don't. Without doing anything to the new seat, I think I can make everything work together and the seats be secure to the bike without much tinkering. That's on tomorrows agenda. I have zero concern about the Sargent seat, there shouldn't be with the price, BUT everything ain't gonna be cheap and you do get what you pay for. Russel DayLong, Sargent gel pad seat skin, CBaily (no longer available, the best seat I ever parked my old fat arse on), were all great, and I expect the comfort of the Sargent to be equal. 

More later. I ordered both of these item on-line from each Co. website. The wait time of other sources was way too iffy with my riding plans upcoming. Cheaper may have been possible but too uncertain for my liking. Not a rich guy at all but I also don't want to waste riding time if you get my drift. Ride Safely Brothers and Sisters!

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Not gonna get to mess with the seat today. Suggest you go to the Sargent website, click seats and accessories, world seat and scroll photos. They show several of the World Performance seat on a bike. It'll look like that.

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