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2015 Tracer stock rear shock links question


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Does anyone have a set of stock rear shock dog bone linkages laying around?

I need the measurements of hole spacing. 

I don’t think the ones on my bike are original. 

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3 hours ago, OZVFR said:

Hmm, is yours a 15/16 model?

Mine measures around 60 and it has 2-BB-F+53PO


You've definately got the lowered dog bones installed.

Seen here side by side for comparison.  Numbers clearly evident as well.


And overlayed for length comparison.


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Thanks folks, I suspected that as whoever did work beforehand rounded the nuts.

It must be a 10mm drop link, as I ordered 15mm drop links and they are only 2mm shorter that the ones I have.

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IIRC the Yamaha genuine part, the lowering links you have, dropped the seat height by 15mm.  There were/are third party links that claimed a drop of 20mm (or more?).

Don't forget that a few mm of length variation on the dog bone translates to a magnified drop of the actual height when measured at the seat because of the geometry change at the rear shock/swing arm connection points.


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6 minutes ago, OZVFR said:

Bugger, I don't want to drop it any more, might have to look at modifying the seat instead.

The front has also been lowered 10mm.

Thanks again guys.

I'm assuming you're wanting to get you feet flatter on the ground?  If so, and I'm also assuming that you have a stock seat that is already in the 'low' position, you might like to look at getting the seat padding reshaped to get your thighs a bit closer together which translates to a longer reach to the ground.

Or a whole new third party seat!  This forum is littered with suggestions and seat stories... just use the search box.

There are many ways to skin this proverbial cat.  Good luck.

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