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FJ-09 Rear Rack with Corbin Seat Recommendations

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For those that have (or have had) an earlier FJ09 with a Corbin seat… do you have a rear rack you recommend that fits with the seat?

I initially went with a rear rack from T-Rex racing but after having to exchange twice due to the racks not remotely lining up with install points I ultimately returned and gave up for a while. When I had my second rack from them (that still wouldn’t fit correctly) I had just got my Corbin seat in the mail and learned that even if the rack would install correctly that the Corbin seat wouldn’t work with it. Besides my issues T-Rex’s customer service was top tier and allowed me to return no questions asked.

I digress… I’m looking for a rack similar in style that has a flat top for my Kriega US30 dry bag that fits with the Corbin seat. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. 

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I'm looking for a rear rack for my 2017 FJ-09 that will work with the Yamaha stock side cases and Corbin seat. Got the Shad rear rack mount but it requires removal of Yamaha side case brackets. An ebay special would work if I could determine which rear rack is compatible with the side case mounts.

(Anyone want to trade my Shad rear rack mount for a Yamaha one).

The FJ-09 REAR RACK/ TOP CASE MOUNT is no longer available.

FJ-09 Stock rear rack

Shad Rear Rack.jpg

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On 11/11/2021 at 4:31 PM, OZVFR said:

I have the same Shad bracket and have no problem with the stock side case brackets, I use the side cases all the time. 

OK now I see how you made this work, no hand hold rails. It's hard to find a rack that will work with the hand hold rails, the stock pannier holders and a Corbin seat.

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10 hours ago, Mako said:

I have a 2015 FJ09. The Shad rack mount works well with a Corbin seat.

Yes it does, but your stock side case holders had to be removed. Or you could have left them on and remove the hand hold rails instead. I want it all 🙂

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