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Pro Oiler with GPS install

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Starting a thread to document my installation of a Pro Oiler GPS chain oiler on my Niken GT.

Pro Oiler is based in the Netherlands and while shipping to the US took only 3 days,  clearing customs took almost three weeks.  

Packaging was pretty good and included the following items: controller, junction box, pump, oil container, speed signal, gps module, nozzle system, zip ties, tubes, velcro to secure oil container, 3M dual lock strips to secure junction box and pump, and special kudos for including Posi-Tap quality connectors and not the terrible spade/ring connectors that don't ensure a quality connection. 

What's interesting is that they also include a decal for Pro Oiler which in the instructions indicates that it is there "to  warn tyre  fitters NOT to damage the nozzle." The fact that it's also marketing for them, I actually applaud them for cleverly thinking of this detail as a visual reminder whenever doing tire changes. 


2019 Niken GT
"Motorcycles - the brand is not important, the fact that you ride is."

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Had to fabricate a mounting bracket that the y-nozzle dispenser could attach to out of aluminum from my local hardware store. Using a combination of a jig saw cutter and grinding tool I got the aluminum bracket to the shape that I needed and drilled appropriate holes to leverage existing mounting points.

Hardest part was getting the actual y-nozzle mounted exactly right so that oil flow tubes were as straight as possible and unimpeded and not coming into contact with the ground or the bike while mounted to the swing arm and in motion. 













2019 Niken GT
"Motorcycles - the brand is not important, the fact that you ride is."

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I've put in about 500 miles since I've installed it and it works great. Chain is nicely lubed at all times as evidenced by a nice oiled but clean sheen to my chain.

Before the Pro Oiler the chain would usually be much darker due to chain dirt and grime. The dynamic oil feed actually lubricates and cleans the chain in the process. Highly recommend any auto oiler for the additional benefit of automatic chain cleaning which in theory should extend the life of the chain and help reduce chain stretch. 

I've also noticed that after I ride in the rain normally I see some yellowish brown looking oxidation on the chain. That is no longer something I see on the chain. 

2019 Niken GT
"Motorcycles - the brand is not important, the fact that you ride is."

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I haven't posted here in ages, and have ridden hardly at all in the past 3 years. But this thread caught my eye and I t hought I'd share photos of my installation of both the Pro Oiler and the McCruise (I also installed the MotoChello audio system about the same time; this was in 2016, right after I bought the bike, a 2016 FJ-09).

I've put several thousand miles on with the oiler and it has worked great for me. I always check that the "." after the "4" on the display goes away once I start rolling, and a couple of times after the bike was in storage for a while I held down the button to manually apply oil, to make sure it was still functioning (it was).

My chain and sprocket continue to look very good, and as noted by Maxim above, they stay cleaner-looking without the buildup of heavy black crud you would normally see.

I'll also say that I use the McCruise control all the time, and I love the way it works-- just like in a car or truck.







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All good to know.

Pete, if you take a razor knife and cut the vertical sides off the under saddle tray you'll have more usable space.

I've planned on getting a chain oiler but as I can't tour due to health reasons I just clean and lube the old fashion way.  Someday I may but like the simplicity of the old vacuum operated Scott and and vibration activated Tutoro chain oilers.

I do have a Scott on my VTR that's gone 111,000+ miles...

Photos of my McCruise install in 2020 on my 15.  My arthritis thanked me profusely after asking why it took me so f--king long.

Note the walls of the under-saddle tray cut away.  Many have done this mod; I didn't come up with it.  The McCruise Slim switch mounting location with double-sided 3M VHB clear tape and ABS spacer to allow better thumb access was my design. 






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