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Hi All, 
I have a MT09 Tracer in race blue, just px a fazer8 for it and loving it :)
Hello and welcome! I have a race blue as well, and while the red and grey owners squabble over which is the fastest (read most boring) I think the blue is different and exciting. I'd be interested in a comparison between the Fazer8 and the Tracer. The dealer had a very good deal on a new Fazer8 and when I was initially told I'd have to wait months for the Tracer I was very tempted to buy the Fazer8. I am now glad that I waited for the Tracer, but I never even took a test ride on the Fazer... 
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Welcome fellow Derbyshire rider!!
C&F is ok, although with the speed cameras on the whole road, it's not what it was. Ironically most of the accidents that forced the speed cameras happened in tight corners where 50mph is impossible!! Nice pub though!!
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