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FJ09 Sargent vs Corbin Seat... with pictures and opinions!

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I purchased my bike used and it came with a Sargent seat. It has been my first experience with a Sargent. However, I've always had Corbin seats in the past, so I decided to get a Corbin and try both out. I haven't tried the stock seat (didn't come with), so this is just a look at Sargent and Corbin. I will update this after I put some more miles on the Corbin, but for now, here's a look at both, and my thoughts thus far:

(Also for reference: this is a 2016 FJ09. And, I am 6'2", 34 inch inseam, 180 lbs.)



  • The look - the red piping is great. (I know you can get this on the Corbin too, but I think I like the look of the Sargent on the bike better.)
  • Lightweight - not sure the actual weights but much lighter than the Corbin.
  • Nice foam - softer feel (that could be a pro or con depending on your preference)
  • Matches stock fit on bike.
  • Adjustable seat positions - like the stock seat, you can choose low setting or high setting.
  • Overall lower sitting position that the stock seat in both positions (but not by much). Could be pro or con depending on your height.
  • Extras - the flashlight and tools underneath the seat are a cool bonus.


  • On the high position, it doesn't feel as "planted" on the bike as in the low position. This could be because you're still connected via the adjustment plastic piece that Yamaha has. 
  • Slight wiggle - if you wiggle the seats and the way they attach to the bike, they have the slightest bit of play in them. I think it's the same as the stock seat.
  • Retains stock "angle" of seat... I feel like I'm still pitched a bit forward, ever so slightly. This might be because it's a SPORT touring, and gives the sporty feel. For me, this is a con. I like a neutral position.
  • Low - I'm tall, and a taller seat height gives me a bit more legroom. So the fact that this is a bit lower than the stock is a con for me.



  • More of a "cupped" seating feel. You can tell by looking, but the rear seat is higher and gives you more of a slight support in the rear of the driver seat.
  • More neutral seating position. This feels a bit less angled towards the front.
  • Firm seat - This could be a pro or con for you, but I personally like the firmness of the Corbin seats.
  • Tall - I don't think there is an option on the height position (I could be wrong). But even mounted in the low position, it's taller than the tall position of the Sargent (and I think the stock seat too). I'm tall so this is good for me.
  • Solid - Once it's on, it's on. It feels very solid and no wiggle room on the bike (trade off mentioned in cons).
  • Materials - I think you have a greater choice of materials from Corbin.


  • Heavier
  • Getting it on and off the bike. It takes a couple "slams" to really get this to latch into the hooks. 


The prices are close, so that's basically a wash. You can get both with or without heat. The Sargent is definitely friendlier to shorter riders and the Corbin is friendlier to taller ones. I think at the end of the day, there isn't going to be a clear winner, just a preference for what each person likes.

Now, I'm going to go put some miles on and see which one is for me. :)


IMG_6261 Large Medium.jpeg

IMG_6276 Large Medium.jpeg

IMG_6262 Large Medium.jpeg

IMG_6277 Large Medium.jpeg

IMG_6264 Large Medium.jpeg

IMG_6278 Large Medium.jpeg

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Nice writeup. I had Corbin's in the past but never a Sargent. I loved the bucket feel of the Corbin when I would sit back, and then slide forward for stops, (29" inseam). Always wondered if I made the right choice, your pros & cons make me feel good about my decision to go with the US product. Thanks.

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Well, I took the new Corbin seat out for a ride today and overall really liking it. I think it prefer it over the Sargent one, for some of the reasons mentioned in the pros/cons. But because I love a good set of bullet points, here ya go!

  • I prefer the taller seat height of the Corbin compared to the Sargent. I can feel just a bit more legroom.
  • The material I got on the Corbin is very grippy. I don't slide around on the saddle.
  • I like the more neutral position.
  • And, could just be a personal preference, but I like the "feel" of the Corbin more.

I rode the bike up to the top of Mt. Wilson and got some freeway and twisties. Here's a look at the bike overlooking the world!

(I'll also likely be selling the Sargent one soon.)


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My last reply got deleted. Not quite sure if you want my input or not.

I can raise or lower the seat height for tall or shorter riders which is something which is easily done.

The reason I do not like Corbin is their seats are hard, which is going to be very uncomfortable for you for longer rides.

As for the grippiness of the seat, it depends upon the vinyl. I usually recommend a grabber vinyl which keeps you in place better which means less input into the bike and less fatigue. The slope is easy for me to modify but limited based on the shape of the pan.

HOpe that helps, if not then feel free to delete this post too.

Jaycee #600 MotorcycleUpholstery.com

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