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Skid plate please

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Would someone please make a skidplate that is the best of the hepco and becker and the sw-motech.
The h&p protects great up high and the sides but fails underneath were as the sw-motech protected great underneath but fails up high.
I have the h&p right now and may mod it but not sure how to make sure if I add a bottom to it that it wont press up into the oil pan.
Your guys thoughts on this.
Vendors hear is you opp to take my money.
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I may now be disappointed in the H&B skid plate. I have not received it yet. Their promotional material never showed the bottom. I wonder if MotoMachine will take them back? I was hoping that it would be better than the SW-motech.
Very expensive product if it doesn't protect the belly. After all... they call it a skid plate.
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Good to know guys thanx! I was about to order that skid. Now I may wait? Save the money for ecu upgrade and wait for a better skid plate. You guys thinking that sw motech is maybe better even though it has less upper frontal protection?
For me I would be more worried about my oil drain plug and pan the exhaust. So yes the motech would protect better.
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