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Traded in the Duc :( ... AND PICKED UP AN FJ-09!!!

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Hi everyone. Quick introduction.
My name is Bart, from Old Bridge NJ, and I have been riding for 7 years. 
Started with a 1982 CB650, which lasted all of a month before I picked up a 99 VFR
from the dealership I worked at.
Then... the 1098 came out. I talked my buddy into picking one up to match his 998, and he jumped on the opportunity right away.
I fell in love with it instantly, and after a year of riding my VFR, which I loved, I too picked up a Red 2008 model.
But I missed the VFR so much, I was always torn as to why I got rid of it.
It was super comforable, while offering decent performance. A perfect sport touring bike.
I have had my eye on going back to this kind of riding ever since I sold it.
Fast forward to today, and my Duc is getting up in miles (16500 as of this writing) and therefore it was in my garage more often than not for "maintenance."
After putting her back together this winter, I found out about the FJ-09, and today I finally traded in the 1098 and am picking up my new black and grey bike on Saturday.
I'm a total gearhead, and I love helping people, so I really hope I can input some useful information; I have already gathered so much from luring on these forums.
I'm glad to be a part of this community!
See you guys and girls on the boards, and hopefully out on the roads!
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Hey and welcome to the group!
The bike I learned to ride on was a cb650 also an 82 with the 4 into 4 pipes. Perfect for learning, Light, handles simply. Draggin the pegs became a daily activity with how easy that bike could do it. You have good taste in bikes, The VFR's have always been an awesome machine too. (ever see the super charger kit for one? Crazy long belt!)
You're in good company with the gear heads here. If there is something we can do to make it better, we will!
Welcome again, enjoy that FJ. Ride safe
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