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Adapting the Shad rack over the SH58X Top Case

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I got in touch with Shad support and they told me their rack is not compatible with the SH58 so it was up to me to adapt it to my case. Luckily their rack kit comes with multiple paper templates.
I used one of the templates and cut the excess paper to center it over my rack.
Put some white gaffer tape to mark the holes and double check everything was aligned and finally drilled the holes with an 8mm drill bit.
+1cm longer bolts are needed to fix the front part.
Added some silicone glue around the bolts before screwing them to help sealing the case from rain.
Everything else is just following the manual.
Pretty happy with the results.




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The recommended weight for the case is ~10kg. I wouldn't recommend carrying over ~13kg (rack + top case) although I never heard of this case coming off.
Generally, I run out of space before I even reach the 10kg and I also travel with a pillion, so the rack made a lot of sense to me.
My main uses for the rack are:

  1. Carrying fragile stuff tied to it that otherwise would be damaged / scratched if loose inside the case.
  2. Carrying snacks and drinks to consume during a trip (for example a small thermal bag).
  3. Carrying stuff I might use frequently during a trip like tools to adjust the chain, degreaser, chain lube, raincoat


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