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Hello from N.E. Cincinnati, Ohio

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Hello everyone. Sold my FJR last fall and looking at the Tracer 9GT as a lighter replacement.  Waiting on the rain to break so I can take a test ride at a dealer.  What, besides the seat (uncomfort) are the biggest gripes of current owners?

Thanks in advance,


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Apart from the seat,no gripes at all.👍  If you road-test a red one,you'll end up buying one. 😊

There is never enough time or money to do it right the first time.

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Once you get used to the twin screen dash it really just disappears.  The fuel gauge is funky but once you learn how thirsty the bike is it works.

I find the seat and windscreen are very adequate and don't feel like spending hundreds of $ only to be disappointed.  My only farkles were frame sliders, a SHAD 45L rear rack and top case, a Garmin Zumo XT and a dual USB device. 

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I forgot to mention that the Bridgestone T32 tires feel good and similar to the Michelin Road 5 I had on my FZ-1.  They have a bit over 8K miles and have plenty of tread left.  I may ride conservative which may be why but no flat center in the rear.

I did get screen protectors for the dash to prevent scratching them. 

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