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  1. Yep, same principle as ski goggles, the air gap is what keeps the lens clear. Bare in mind that the gasket must be tight against the visor in order to maintain the air gap.
  2. I have ridden the 2019 Tracer GT in the pyrenes of Spain and France, it handled all the curves (about 25,000) with no issues. I had a 2012 FZ-01 at the time and modified it for handling not power. Now I have the 2021 Tracer 9GT and it is so good that I don't miss my FZ-01 and I feel that it is better in a few ways than the 2019. I'm 5'9" and weight 180 pounds and the 2021 fits me like I was meant to ride it. I enjoy the up and down quick shifter which the 2019 only had going up. Also I think the fueling is improved as the 2019 felt snatchy compared to the 2021. The semi-automatic suspension is rather awesome for non-track riding no issues there. I can recomend a 2021 or 2022 for the added chassis strength and other improvements.
  3. Yep, I had the same problem but the engine check light came on and drive, menu and TCS functions stopped working. The dealer plugged in the computer and reset everything and now no problems (they did it for free). I will not be putting the bike in gear while on the center stand from now on. BTW this was on a 2021 Tracer 9GT.
  4. I also saw that rack and passed on it in favor of the SHAD rack which is so much more substantial than the Yamaha rack. To mount the Yamaha rack you need to remove the side and rear panels to access the screws (only 3). I bought the SHAD SH45 top case which works great and holds to full face helmets. The only drawback is now I have two keys to access the cases (Yamaha and SHAD). The installation is a bit more complicated but I think it's worth the hassle. Pricewise the Shad is a little bit less expensive.
  5. I've had my 9GT since June and have about 3,500 miles on it. I rode a 2019 Tracer GT in Spain and France and the 2021 9GT is somewhat better overall. The LED headlight is bright enough to illuminate any rural road and beyond, hit the high beam and WOW. It is true that the one low beam is difficult for some to see and not so much for others. I came off a 2012 FZ-1 that I set up for my weight and riding style and so far I like the the 9GT and am not planning to make any changes at all.
  6. ^ Same here. I just use a dual adapter that can plug in a USB and a USB-C. Just remember to keep the amperage low because on the Tracer 9GT the 12V accessory plug is only protected by a 2AMP fuse. No problem plugging in my phone and Garmin GPS. I also have a USB adapter connected to the battery with a Battery Tender pigtail.
  7. Yep. Cold tires on cold roads = less traction regardless of drive mode. Sport tires are worse because they need more heat to grip. Touring tires, though not very sexy, warm up to temp in cold conditions.
  8. They may be available in Europe. I gave up waiting and bought the SHAD SH45 and SHAD rack for the T9. The one drawback is that I need to carry another key just like when I had GIVI luggage.
  9. I have 3,500 miles on my T9 with T32s. So far I like them coming from Road 5s. Any tread wear if there is any is unnoticeable.
  10. GIVI didn't have a rack listed for the T9 whereas SHAD had one so I went with the company that provided the product. I had a GIVI 40L top case on my previous bike but the SHAD 45L is just slightly larger outside and will swallow two full face helmets. Also the price of SHAD is lower than GIVI.
  11. The GT is sold with side cases but inner bags are not available in the USA. Yamaha USA site shows top cases but no stock and no racks to put them on. I ended up ordering a SHAD SH45 top case and rack for my 2021 T9 GT. It wasn't an easy install but eventually it got on and is quite useful, you need to get security torx bits to remove the Yamaha screws.
  12. About the T9 dash, I like it. Had an FZ-1 before and that had so much less information and still small fonts and you needed to cycle through the odometer to see trip 1, trip 2, odo and F readings. However, I only glance at the speedo once in a while when riding. I wear progressive lenses and over 70 and have no issues with the T9 brightness and reflectivity. The only complaint is that the clock is small and you can't add it to the right screen as you can trip functions etc. Overall I do miss the huge round analog gauges of the 70s but the new stull gives you more data. Every time I get on my T9 it brings a smile to my face. I ordered it in April and received it in June, the dealer only had two coming in and I got the Liquid Metal one. The red is too Ferrari looking and makes me think of a tomato.
  13. Yes, I'm shrinking as I age. I tried the spoiler in various angles and it didn't eliminate the wind noise generated by my helmet, that's why I tried changing my head position as a test. Now my screen is in the middle position so I should try it in the lowest and highest to compare and change the head position as well. The Nolan 100-5 is a "quiet" helmet for a modular but all modulars impart some wind noise. The worst for noise is my AGV full face, with the vents open it sounds like a jet plane landing. I did get out to a tiny ride before the rain came in.
  14. This is interesting as I have the stock Tracer 9 screen and I am 5'9". I find that this screen gives me more wind protection than all the other screens I've used on several bikes. Almost all the wind noise is generated by my helmet, if I tilt my head down a bit the noise fades away. I have my screen in about the middle position which seems to work the best. I tried the MRA spoiler but it made a lot of buffeting in most positions. The best screen I had was on a Windjammer fairing and it was huge, sort of like a GoldWing.