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Help! A Newbie!


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I'm an old duffer, riding into the sunset on my newly aquired Niken GT. I've had a number of bikes before this but thought that two wheels were boring so, why not try three!!

So far, so moderately good. I bought it second hand, 7500 miles, and almost sparkly clean with only a few scabs on the bracketry. It has an unnamed titanium Zorst fitted (very parpy and crackly) but I wonder if it does not suit the fuelling as I think the bike runs out of steam from 9500rpm onwards. Comments? Apart from 'get it dynoed', which may be the next job...

Of more concern to me is the knotty question about the Factory fitted luggage (pannier) racks. These are quite clearly made to be quickly detatchable for servicing etc., as there is a spring-loaded catch under the top rail. There is also a three eared knurled nut at the lower forward end designed to be undone by hand. This knurled nut has a central lock (with the number 5 on it) But I have no key for it. The previous owner denies all knowledge of a key, as do the Yamaha dealers I have spoken to. They had no idea the racks were Q/D designs!! Comments? Apart from 'Drill it out'!


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Welcome to the group!

Took me a little bit to recall what you were referring to and had to go look at my bike to jog the memory. 

The keys needed to unlock the panniers are SW MOTECH branded keys and should accompany the bike. Luckily my prior owner kept everything and made sure I had it all. Mine only has a number 53 on the key  - not sure if that is a universal key code for the pannier mounting brackets but maybe that will help in case you need to get replacement keys made. 




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2019 Niken GT
"Motorcycles - the brand is not important, the fact that you ride is."

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Hello, Maxim.

What a pleasure to hear from somebody who knows of what they speak! This is a really great help as I can now contact SW Motec and pester them!

I have another gripe, which may have been adressed by the group - Side stand. Or rather the lack of a decent prop. The supplied stand, with a full fuel load and a bit of weight in the top box, just lets the bike fall over unless it's on dead level, hard ground. As to standing on the foot-pegs to get a leg over - forget it.

I have had a replacement hip so I'm slightly reduced in my legswing arc.

Has anyone fitted a longer/angled stand? I've added a 'Big Foot' pad that has noticeably improved the situation, but a longer and angled stand woul be ideal.

Thanks for your help,


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I've not seen anyone in this forum post a longer side stand but do recall the Niken Facebook forum of an owner who did install shorter ones to accommodate lowering linkshttps://www.facebook.com/groups/358343504707298/permalink/1365437017331270/

I'm sure it can be done but I suspect that in doing so you may be trading one problem for another in that a longer kickstand might make the Niken more susceptible to being knocked over by wind gusts (assuming the upright angle of the bike becomes closer to perpendicular to the ground from the longer sidestand).

With respect to the recent hip surgery, one thing I've been researching is whether an electrical actuator can be added to the GT's center stand similar to what the BMW K1200LTs have. This might be a more expensive solution in attempting to maximize your motorcycling fun by minimizing the effort it takes to swing a  leg over the bike by allowing you to use the footpegs instead of the ground while center stand is deployed. Admittedly the Niken is a very tall bike compared to most. 

Closest thing I've been able to find is made by a company called Matt Risley Innovations who makes electric center stands for Harleys  that might work with the Yamaha but would require customization.  



2019 Niken GT
"Motorcycles - the brand is not important, the fact that you ride is."

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