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Tracer 900 cooling fan diagnostics? Able to force it to turn on?

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Hey there, I fired up my Tracer today to warm it up... I've been too busy to ride it lately so wanted to get it to running temp.   well I fired it up and let it idle to operating temp while I was doing other things.  I noticed that the engine was ~221F and the cooling fan didn't turn on.   So I turned the bike off to ensure if the fan is not working there isn't too much heat on the engine. 

I checked the connector, and it seems good to go...  is there a way to easily trigger the fan?  I know I was able to do it via some OBDII stuff on my old triumph.  But haven't seen anything like that on the Yamaha. 

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I know that this info won't help you with a 2019 bike but you can do it via the diagnostics on a 2015-16 bike.

My point is that there is probably an equivalent function via an OBD device.

Another option is to simply break the connector and apply 12V directly to it if you just want to be sure the fan is OK.


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