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  1. Ohh interesting, I am riding up to Western MT, Idaho, and WY next week
  2. This is a key reason I carry a 12v pump (Dynaplug micro, or Aerostitch pumps). Much easier than dealing with a dozen CO2 cartridges that are one time use.
  3. Also, after seeing AAA and AMA roadside assistance pretty much tell me to phuck off last year this time because I was 60 miles from a major city... I am not putting much weight in those. I carry a Garmin Inreach and have a communication plan, and route with some friends/spouse if I need to be picked up in the middle of nowhere.
  4. I am packing and getting ready for another 2000mi trip (Which would be ~ 5000mi of travels this summer) up to Yellowstone. And I am getting my tools back together. I am using the same principle as I do with firstaid kits (I teach backpacking and wilderness first aid) - Bring what you know how to use. I know from working on the bike what is reasonable to work on and what would be terminal. So I simply have: (Note - I ride solo almost all the time... I am not a fan of group rides at all) Under Seat tool roll bag/Storage (kept on the bike all the time): Small Gerber multipliers Zipties (various sizes) Fuses (sized for all the fuses used on the bike and accessories) 8mm box wrench (useful for brake bleed, and some of the controls on the bars to adjust) Yamaha stock tools - Screw Driver, 14/16mm box wrench, 4 or 5mm hex (what ever is used to remove the fairing sides) Stick style tire pressure gauge JK3D.us Fork adjustment tool to tweak comp/rebound/preload (shameless plug ) Small Tool Bag (former Garmin GPS bag, works great!) - brought on long trips Large Gerber multipliers with interchangeable needle Nose and Blunt pliers nose. 17mm box wrench (for the Givi crash bar bolt) Multi Hex fold up set (up to 8mm hex) 10mm box wrench (for some other control adjustments and some other fittings on the bike) 3M VHB Tape roll (small) Velcro Wire Wraps Tire Plug kit TPMS Batteries, and tools Lighter, and double wall shrink tube Wire Splices/taps Gorilla Tape Roll Other random things like small tubes of fast curing JBWeld. Dynaplug 12V micro inflator (brought on longer trips). Pretty much with that I am confident I could handle or at least attempt to fix just about anything on the bike that would be needed that wasn't already terminal (ie: breaking the oil pan, cracking a wheel, punctured radiator, alternator failure, etc... )
  5. I use the same T-valves, and roughly the same TPMS. I love it. Actually one of the features of a number of the small TPMS readouts is it shows temperature. Its been interesting seeing the difference front/rear on hot days. Rear TPMS has read 140F before on hot asphalt riding (in 112F weather that is).
  6. Bump here if anyone is interested in a 4K camera for their ride
  7. I've been looking but it doesn't seem to be a thing ... in the past on Triumph and such you can use TuneECU, for Volkswagons its VagCom, for Fords its ForScan, etc... But I am not seeing anything for almost any of the Asian bikes. Tasks like balancing TBs, monitoring all the engine/vehicle sensors, running ABS Purge/Bleed functions (this is one I really want when I flush the brake system), etc... Is there any non dealer tool to accomplish this on the Yamaha bikes?
  8. I've also been on the hunt for the Blurple color code/paint code... I am kind of amazed its not easy to find given how many bikes Yamaha has had with that wheel color!
  9. STX46 I believe the specific number is YA537, It mounts to the footpeg area similar to where the stock Tracer 900 GT adjuster mounts to. Here is a pic:
  10. These motors have a ton of valve noise and cam noise before the heads get the full oil flow. This is one of the key reasons to never start and rev a modern motorcycle engine! So I’d say it’s normal.
  11. I believe it will, but the spring rate is a bit higher than the 2017 I think. I dont know for sure.
  12. Hey there, I am selling my 2019 Tracer 900GT Rear Shock w/ preload adjuster. Its just sitting in a box under my workbench after upgrading to an Ohlins shock, and I figure I'd see if anyone who has a non preload adjustable shock or a burned out OE shock wants one with a lot more life left on it. This shock only has 3500 miles on it. I'd sell it for $150 + shipping (Shipping will be based actual price due to the size and weight of the box and I will provide multiple carrier options) - I am located in Denver for local pickups also. I am not entirely sure what the going price is for used OE suspension. I was going to keep it to swap in if I have the Ohlins rebuilt or something, but I actually want the space under my workbench back I will grab a pic of the shock later, but it looks like a pristine OE shock with the preload adjuster.
  13. As everyone has mentioned - yes Ohlins rear shocks are great! But so are Ktech, Nitron, Wilbers, etc... in fact Ktech and others can adjust length of the sock slightly, you cant do that on the Ohlins. With that said, use what your local suspension guy prefers (if you trust him, which you should). I went full Ohlins front (NIX30) and back with remote reservoir and preload based on recommendations from my guy. I am crazy happy with the results, but as mentioned - Ohlins are not magical, all upgraded suspension is magical over stock
  14. Hey everyone, Many have seen stuff I've posted on here using INNOVV dash cams. Well I have a K5 I only used for measurements and doing some mounting designs for a customer. I already have a K3, and K2 and didn't need the K5 so I am going to sell it. Its an open box, but 100% of the parts are there. I've powered it up to verify function but that is it, its never been mounted. It was used entirely for taking measurements and some test fittings. I design lens protectors and accessories for INNOVV cameras on my JK3D.us site. The K5 is really a benchmark piece of kit - a 4K camera/DVR and a 1080P rear/bullet camera. Comes with a 5hz GPS module, and the power brick for the bike. The K5 has a remote to control and save pictures, and also a remote microphone you can place on the bike. It also comes with a box of mounts and adhesives. The info on the camera can be found here : https://www.innovv.com/innovv-k5-dashcam As a bonus I'll include 2 JK3D lens protectors (with mineral glass lenses) with it (one for each camera) (30$ value) - Note the pictures below show a new model of the lens protector, the one coming with the cameras is the V1 model. Being this is a new camera I am asking for $400 shipping included in the US. These sell for $458+shipping and are hard to find as there are supply issues currently so I think this is a fair price. For Intl purchases we will need to discuss shipping prices. I am firm on the price, Paypal is the preferred method of payment.
  15. I couldnt even see the slots you made in the top corners! I was looking for them but just kinda see them now out barely. Have other pics? the side to side buffeting on the highway at high speed is one of the things I am struggling with