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  1. So I noticed after I changed the oil to Motul 7100 (10w40) after the initial 600 miles on the bike, the QS 1-2 shift is much much better... almost as seamless as the rest of the gears. Yeah the QS use when passing people.
  2. I agree on the linked brakes, I was actually kind of shocked to see the bike has independent front/rear ABS and systems.
  3. Thats great insight. Coming from some old school STs myself (I've ridden Ducati ST, VFR800, and Sprint ST and Sprint GTs in the past) and they all are way heavy toward the sport of sport touring to the point they are really just sport bikes with bags (except for the sprint GT I guess). They all seem so heavy and cumbersome in their handling and very very top heavy. For me even the stock suspension setup on the Tracer GT was a revelation. But I did go through the effort to setup Sag and the fork compression/rebound settings a bit. I find myself just so excited to have a platform that isnt completely compromised from the beginning
  4. So I just went through this exercise (the Tracer 900 vs the GT at least) since I was upgrading from an old Sprint ST I had. I also looked at some used FJ09 (2015's or so). The 2019 Tracer 900 was the odd bike out in the testing... More expensive than the FJ09 with minimal changes (I think the suspension is a big stronger on the 2019 than the 2015 was) . The GT is a different league. Better suspension by a mile, cruise control, bags (small, but very functional), seemed to have better ergonomics I felt. The tracer 900 is just an iteration (minor at best) from the earlier FJ, for 10K+$. Where the GT is a pretty specific and impressive upgrade. Worth the extra money without question - cruise control to me is worth 1K$ on its own. Only gotcha is GT's are becoming hard to find in a lot of places around the country.
  5. I am just about to do the initial oil change at 600mi and am using Wix 51358XP Oil Filters. I do most of my own maintenance on bikes and cars and over years of research and doing oil testing with Blackstone I've determined that the Wix filters are some of the best. So keeping with what I know Going to change the oil in a few minutes actually. (putting Motul 7100 in)
  6. Hey there, I searched this topic on the forum but I am not sure if there is any difference in how the older FJ's and such needed to be handled compared to the 2018/19 bikes with ABS/TCS. I think I read that the speedo for the bike reads off the front ABS disc now and not off the driveline, which means you should be able to tweak the gearing and not need any kind of "speedo healer" or anything. That's my main question - can I tweak the gearing and avoid having to get the speedo reading tweaked. I do like the stock gearing but it could move up 1T or so (or up one in the front and down one in the rear) to make it a bit more comfortable for higher speeds and use more of the middle gears (4th and 5th seem like kind of useless at the moment).
  7. I am only a week into owning the Tracer, but I;ve noticed that 1->2 shifts are better if I do them traditionally with the clutch, then after that I can use QS. The 1 to 2 otherwise is pretty violent and I dont like that kind of shock to the driveline. Other than that its a nice-to-have feature that when it works well, its super fun.
  8. Do you consider the Tracer to be high CoG? it feels and handles like a very low and compact CoG compared to most other STs out there (the older the ST the worse the CoG is!) Figure I would ask because I am amazed at how nicely composed the Tracer is for his heft.
  9. The reason I bought the tracer was because it was a light and somewhat unique ST bike. ST's have been on the decline for the last 10+ years. Everyone in the US wants an adventure bike, or a long range tourer, or a cruiser... Sport Touring bikes are a weird niche of generally not as comfortable as a Tourer, but without the offroad credentials of the ADV bikes. I take my bikes on dirt/gravel roads, but not trails. I did 550mi on my Tracer GT last weekend and the fuel tank capacity was almost exactly what my comfort limit was on the bike, which worked out well. bigger fairings add some weight for wind protection, and the structure/frame work under the fairing adds some heft. the bigger engine adds a lot of weight. But yeah I get what you are saying... Just seems if you want a nimble, flickable, ST bike you can rock in canyons/twisties and carry some bags you always need to sacrifice a bit in comfort. I just came from a Triumph Sprint ST (and have ridden a Ducati ST, and a Honda VFR800)... this tracer is a magnitude better than any other ST I've ever been on. Its light, fast, comfortable (VERY comfortable compared to any of those other bikes), and crazy nimble.
  10. You don't get all those upgrades without some significant weight being added generally
  11. Wouldn't those asks/goals for a upgraded GT be just a FRJ1300? (Smoother engine, bigger tank, better wind protection, and touring focused)
  12. yep I saw that, it's a nice feature. The Engine hours count is handy to have and I wish this bike had it.
  13. Just wanted to give a bit some observations on my first 500+ mile ride on the Tracer GT I picked up the other day. 1. OMG this thing handles like a dream - it goes exactly where I want it to in the corner... no hesitation, no heavy work by me, just flops in and goes. Its more sure footed while being extremely flickable than any bike over 400cc that I've ever ridden. (A ninja 250 and Honda CBR 400 are the only bikes I've been on that leans over as fast and effortless as this tracer) 2. Cruise control - what a game changer for rider comfort... Where have you been my whole life!? 3. the LCD dash is nice, but I would like more data fields to choose from... no battery voltage, no Miles to Empty, no Hours on the engine/oil, etc... Would seem like a software update could bring some of that to the dash. 4. The engine is very very smooth down low. Gets a bit buzzy above 6K RPM. I do have some bar vibrations I need to look into. I owned a Triumph Sprint ST Triple before this so I know how they can get in the upper RPM bands. 5. Foot position is good, if agressive for an upright bike like this. GReat for corners, but I need to work on the see height a bit. I think the lower seat height is great for at stop lights, but when riding the higher seat height may fit me better to give the legs some room. And yes my boots hit the passenger peg brackets, but I actually liked reaching my boots back and resting on them a little bit a few times on the ride. 6. windscreen is about as effective as any sporty screen I've had... I will want to try some others coming up. 7. Normally after doing 300 - 500 miles on my Sprint, I would be just destroyed... Heat from the engine bathes you on that bike + it was labor to make it do anything. While the sprint ant the Tracer GT are almost EXACTLY the same weight, the Tracer feels like a bike 200lbs less than it really is. (Credit to the low and centered mass) I got off my bike last night after 8+ hours on it riding from SLC to Denver and was good to go out and hang out with friends for the rest of the night, barely needed a shower even (other than needing to get rid of the helmet corn row hair style I had from my Shoei helmet) 8. in-town handling on this bike is so confidence inspiring... just goes where you want, no drama at low speed, seems to almost balance itself when creeping along... All things my Sprint scared the shit out of my with. 9. Menu driven hand warmers are OK - takes a few tries to get them right. 10. Fuel gauge only registering the lowering fuel level after 1/2 tank is interesting. I had to manually reset the fuel consumption to watch that a bit closely to get an idea of really how many miles I had left based on the average MPG I was burning. 11. Speaking of MPG with 90% freeway/highway travel I averaged 52mpg on the entire ride. I am happy with that, especially with a new tight motor. So thats my review... for paying ~12K OTD on a new bike... this machine is a crazy steal. I dont know much about the engine yet since I am in the break-in period and keeping it below 5600 on the entire ride here, and under 7K for the next 400mi or so after I get the oil changed... but so far I am pretty excited for the qualities and refinement on this 900cc plant.
  14. the 2020 Tracer hasn't been announced or even hinted at yet. ... Lots of info from Dealers I talked to said they were told not to expect a 2020 model and just continue to sell through 2019 stock (USA dealers that is). I talked to roughly 15 dealers around the country looking for a 2019 Tracer GT and few actually had any in stock (even though their website said they did), and none had any indication if they were going to be able to order a 2020 model... they said by now they should have a list of their 2020 models complete already. No tracer is on the list so far. That website above is bogus BTW... And I agree with Frank above - I rode the FJR a few times... its nice, super comfy... but the Tracer 900/GT is just a magnitude more fun. I did 550 miles on mine yesterday a day after buying it, and was comfortable (as one can be on a new motorcycle with stock seat) and got home still fresh and not feeling like death. Chain maintenance is very overstated as a labor/concern i've found. Modern X ring chains require minimal maintenance,they just need to be kept clean, with a coating of wax/oil to keep them from rusting. So for that... shaft drives to me are just power eating weight.