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  1. Yup, I am actually OK with the mounts being the weak point, because the goal is to avoid losing oil in the middle of nowhere, not as much protecting the guard mounts Anything that can spread out an impact over a larger area of the engine and avoid cracking the sump is key. In my case, the mounts bent (all 3) as well as the sump guard plate.
  2. I put in just about 3L swapping the pan after the bike sat for 3 days after the hit + new filter.
  3. The one that was hit is too messed up, but I have a new one coming on Friday. I may take a paper template from it.
  4. I put an endoscope in it to check and it was clean.
  5. I am going to be mounting a new SW-Motec sump guard on the bike, and I am going to be ordering a 4-5mm sheet of stainless steel that I am guessing (havent done my final measurements yet) will be ~80 -100mm wide and almost as long as the Motec plate. And have it run along the side with the sump. Secured with 8 countersunk 4mm or 5mm screws/nuts This should make the plate itself much stronger to avoid the front from bending up and should spread out any impacts under the engine to be less pointy like I had happen. At first I thought of JB weld but I figure just using 6 or 8 screws would do well enough.
  6. Figure I'd add onto this thread I posted about it on other threads, but this seems to be on-topic content Full run down on how it happened is here: A Motorcycle Trip Cut Short : 2020 Strikes again. – Interwebs of Joe About a week ago I left on a motorcycle trip/adventure as I talked... New pan is going on tonight as soon as UPS gets here. Has anyone pulled the strainer to see if anything ended up in there from any of the other oil pan breaks? Update: pic of my new oil pan installed. Nice 60 min job start to finish.
  7. if I cant find the tracking info... ( I haven't found the receipt yet) I will just mail another one.
  8. So... I MAY try to finish most of my trip in the coming week(s) if the weather holds out... the bike should be back and on the road by this weekend... and there is a small chance I may try to head out over the weekend to hit up some of the stops I wanted to.
  9. Absolutely, I've been kind of planning around a situation like this for a while, and I've broken down on the side of the road before with previous bikes. This does bring some clarity to planning and preparation. The joke with my friends and wife is that "if I would have dumped the bike and gotten hurt, this would have all been much easier... I would just hit the SOS button on my InReach and shit would be taken care of. " It was kind of funny how in most other things I would "McGuyver" my way out of a situation to get to down.. but when I saw oil pouring out... I knew this was over right then and there. I am happy with the Innovv overall, I wish it had some better quality (I am running the high bitrate firmware, a 10 hour day fills up close to 180GB of data!). But I cant argue with the form factor and consistency it has.
  10. I posted a blog entry with the full write up of the trip and has video of the incident that broke the bike as well: A Motorcycle Trip Cut Short : 2020 Strikes again. – Interwebs of Joe About a week ago I left on a motorcycle trip/adventure...
  11. And one last thing... it seems the hazards use a lot of juice, I had them running for ~ 1.5 - 2 hours and it tripped my Antigravity Lithium battery to go into protection mode and shut down! Another reason to go to LED signals and plate light I guess
  12. Keep in mind that all this "roadside assistance" is predicated on tow companies actually wanting to come get you and working at AAA's or your insurance prices. Which was my issue.
  13. Also if you look at Givi's monster engine guard (Manual here: https://filestwistedthrottlecom.s3.amazonaws.com/Installation Instructions/Givi/GIVI.RP2139.pdf ) IT mounts to the frame or hard points on the engine, and has an extra pad/protection under the sump.