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  1. The lower seat is fine if you walk the bike a lot. But in general a higher seat is more comfortable when riding. The bike is a few inches too tall for me to flat foot with both feet, but when riding I prefer the seat in the taller position. I am curious if the lower seat/lower pegs = even more lean angle interference than the current tracer already struggles with.
  2. Traditionally motorcycles have one of the highest drops in value off the show room floor. And that seems to still be the case seeing what used bikes even 2019's are getting on the used market. That is my comment. I dont think the Tracer 9's are going to drive down the value of the the 900's to any level beyond what used bikes drop already.
  3. Honestly, I dont think thats the case over the already super sad decrease in value of used motorcycles since the 9GT is already more expensive, it doesn't really drive down the value of the 900GTs. Its almost in a different segment. Also... the 900GT's are better looking
  4. The rock was probably 3-4" in size, its highlighted in the video quickly and also being kicked out behind the bike after it did the damage. It was a combination of the rock being in the perfect place + the bike compressing down in that dirt area onto the rock... The SRC Skid pan does look very nice! The plate that was on the bike was a cheaper Ebay copy of the SW Motec plate which has 2 mounts in the back and one in the front, if the SRC links the rear mounts, then that would provide more protection. It does look like the SRC plate uses thinner aluminum than the actual SW Motec model (which is 3.5mm from my last measurement), but in general the SRC looks like a stellar bit of protection.
  5. You could buy 2 of the new Tracer 9's for one Multistrada V4
  6. Yeah same trash gas gauge on up to the 2020's I believe. I really just got good at resetting the trip meter and average MPG at every fill up and watching that more than the gas gauge... and just knew when I was over 160Miles, that I should start looking for gas stations
  7. Does the new multi screen dash give you Miles to Empty? That may be worth the $2000 upcharge alone
  8. Is it possible that "bolt" in the middle is the 12v socket?? Kinda looks like one the more I look at it.
  9. that's how I scored my 2019 GT later last year for 10,500 USD (Vs 12,999 tag price)... they wanted to clear it to get the 2020's in.
  10. yeah that bolt head... realllly irks me. But then again if you mount your phone on the center of the bars or on the tank now, you don't have to worry about obscuring the dash!
  11. It can be, I have a motorcycle suspension and suspension design book around here somewhere, and from the last time I went through it it was talking about how minimal changes in the rake/trail cause dramatic effects. The general vibe is more rake, and more trail, the more stable the bike is but the more lazy it may be in corners. (There is a reason telescopic forks are used on most bikes because in one key way, they lower the trail when the bike compresses in a turn making steering sharper.) Now those numbers above are small changes, very small... but still could impact the sublime steering feel the FJ/MT/Tracers have had. here is a quick write up on what that means. The Tracer still has a very aggressive rake for a "touring" bike! Understanding a Motorcycle's Rake and Trail Spec charts sometimes quote rake and trail numbers for a...
  12. On the plus side - I am digging the idea of buying the OEM turn signals, and that Nissin radial master cyl that in theory would be compatible with the ~2019-2020 bikes with cruise cut off and such.
  13. yeah its clear Yamaha is moving it into Ducati territory in price (and features).
  14. Gunna say, this dash looks right our of some bike from the 90's. I have some real aesthetic issues with it.