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  1. Yeah I could see that. Really even for this bike with the big open area back there... there wasnt a whole lot of room!
  2. I was planning to design/print an entire replacement Pillion seat/cowl that will have tool space/mounts. I designed the frame for it to connect onto the bike easily... but the seat surface/geometry is what was going to take a while (and the fact its slightly larger than my build volume). So I am starting to look at just cutting out the base, removing some of the foam, and bolting/inserting a substructure/frame to hold tools in it while not affecting the OE looks. When I get some time I'll share some ideas.
  3. Hey everyone, I went and designed and printed my own mounts for my Tracer 900 GT to mount an Innovv K2 dash cam setup, Powerlet install, and a few other odds and ends. I posted about it here: 3D Printed Dashcam mount and Motorcycle parts – Interwebs of Joe So last fall I sold my trusty 2005 Triumph Sprint ST motorcycle... I am going to start a web store to potentially sell some of these parts and such I designed in the coming month or so. The post above is just showing the parts, and the design/install of all the mods. I figured it would be interesting for the folks here.
  4. So I talked to another dealer today and they told me on the GT the pegs come installed already. So someone at Yamaha phucked up. the bracket that gives extra support to the frame mounts and spans between both sides was misaligned. So when the Yamaha guy with an impact gun ran in the bolts the bolts stripped all but a few threads against the support brace and really was only holding on the frame via friction it seems. I found out this issue when I put weight on the passenger peg and it let go!... I'll post pics of the screws but they were really bad. Just to be safe I replaced both sides and realigned that support bracket. A pic of the bracket as it looked when the passenger peg fell off is here: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AtuhT174YsbYlcoHs6wqByu9IGiuRw?e=NSrK69
  5. Thanks guys! I put it right around there as a guess and figure I would up it if the news came back that it needed more. And I did have to run a tap through to clear the first couple bad threads. Not sure if the passenger pegs are dealer installed, but it was a messed up install none the less.
  6. Seems the service manual doesn't address the footrest mount torque, where it connects to the chassis. Its a long story but Yamaha phucked up on my bike and stripped out the bolts for one side and I found out when I put weight on it... So i have new bolts but now I need to know how much torque needs to be applied. Anyone know?
  7. So I noticed after I changed the oil to Motul 7100 (10w40) after the initial 600 miles on the bike, the QS 1-2 shift is much much better... almost as seamless as the rest of the gears. Yeah the QS use when passing people.
  8. I agree on the linked brakes, I was actually kind of shocked to see the bike has independent front/rear ABS and systems.
  9. Thats great insight. Coming from some old school STs myself (I've ridden Ducati ST, VFR800, and Sprint ST and Sprint GTs in the past) and they all are way heavy toward the sport of sport touring to the point they are really just sport bikes with bags (except for the sprint GT I guess). They all seem so heavy and cumbersome in their handling and very very top heavy. For me even the stock suspension setup on the Tracer GT was a revelation. But I did go through the effort to setup Sag and the fork compression/rebound settings a bit. I find myself just so excited to have a platform that isnt completely compromised from the beginning
  10. So I just went through this exercise (the Tracer 900 vs the GT at least) since I was upgrading from an old Sprint ST I had. I also looked at some used FJ09 (2015's or so). The 2019 Tracer 900 was the odd bike out in the testing... More expensive than the FJ09 with minimal changes (I think the suspension is a big stronger on the 2019 than the 2015 was) . The GT is a different league. Better suspension by a mile, cruise control, bags (small, but very functional), seemed to have better ergonomics I felt. The tracer 900 is just an iteration (minor at best) from the earlier FJ, for 10K+$. Where the GT is a pretty specific and impressive upgrade. Worth the extra money without question - cruise control to me is worth 1K$ on its own. Only gotcha is GT's are becoming hard to find in a lot of places around the country.
  11. I am just about to do the initial oil change at 600mi and am using Wix 51358XP Oil Filters. I do most of my own maintenance on bikes and cars and over years of research and doing oil testing with Blackstone I've determined that the Wix filters are some of the best. So keeping with what I know Going to change the oil in a few minutes actually. (putting Motul 7100 in)
  12. Hey there, I searched this topic on the forum but I am not sure if there is any difference in how the older FJ's and such needed to be handled compared to the 2018/19 bikes with ABS/TCS. I think I read that the speedo for the bike reads off the front ABS disc now and not off the driveline, which means you should be able to tweak the gearing and not need any kind of "speedo healer" or anything. That's my main question - can I tweak the gearing and avoid having to get the speedo reading tweaked. I do like the stock gearing but it could move up 1T or so (or up one in the front and down one in the rear) to make it a bit more comfortable for higher speeds and use more of the middle gears (4th and 5th seem like kind of useless at the moment).
  13. I am only a week into owning the Tracer, but I;ve noticed that 1->2 shifts are better if I do them traditionally with the clutch, then after that I can use QS. The 1 to 2 otherwise is pretty violent and I dont like that kind of shock to the driveline. Other than that its a nice-to-have feature that when it works well, its super fun.
  14. Do you consider the Tracer to be high CoG? it feels and handles like a very low and compact CoG compared to most other STs out there (the older the ST the worse the CoG is!) Figure I would ask because I am amazed at how nicely composed the Tracer is for his heft.