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Tracer 900 OEM side case handle stuck open


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After riding in rain and dirty roads for a couple days last year I ran into an issue where one of my side cases when the handle is fully up (and the latch to secure it to the bike is down) the handle wont close and the latch won't come back up until you try to "encourage" it with a flat object prying the case latch it up. 

I am guessing a lot of dirt and grime got into the side cases and are casing an issue.  it seems like there is no way to really open or service that part of the side case. I tried flushing it with simple green but it still is fussy. 

Anyone else experience this?

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I'm not sure if I'm understanding you but, do you have the same problem with the case off the bike as on. Sometimes if the case is not attached to the bike properly it can case difficulty closing the latch? I always found the Yamaha cases to be finicky to latch.

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Yeah the case on and off the bike.  If I rotate the handle fully up(so it disengages/retracts the latch that holds the case to the bike), I can't fold the handle back down (on or off the bike) as the latch mechanism seems to bind up.  If I try to pry/pull up the latch at the back even 1cm then everything works right and the handle goes down as it should.  It seems if the latch is fully down at the back everything just binds.   

The other case has no such issues.   It does seem like this side of the bike has a lot more dirt and debris in the mecanism than the otherside though...(also wondering if its a part of time I blew the oil pan and oil coated the side cases, curious if I alot got into the mechanism and is holding a lot of sand and grit. 

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OK I understand now....

Found this on the FJR owners site...

So I got some Blaster's Advanced Dry Lube from Home Depot to try and loosen up the latch on the left side. Sprayed quick burst on each of the locking bars and at the main bar by the latch a couple bursts and it worked great. The latch is moving quite easily now.

FJR Owners

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