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cylinder head holes


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2015, I just finished valve shim adjustment and upon start up I have a oil leak coming from the small hole below the exhaust port on cylinder 3. Any idea what this hole is and how it it connected to any oil?

This is a more than a leak, there was a 4" puddle on the lift in under a minute. I was just letting the bike idle when I noticed the leak.



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The part of the valve cover gasket which seals the spark plug wells isn’t on correctly. You’ll need to disassemble again and fix  

Fastest and easiest way I’ve found to keep the gasket on the valve cover:

-clean spotlessly the ridge or groove of the cover where the gasket sits, (and now also the gasket itself) of ANY oil residue, or your chosen adhesive won’t stick. I use brake-clean, iso alcohol might work well too.

-use a tiny bit of grip glue on the gasket area where it goes into the ridge/groove of the valve cover. Work fast, you want it to not cure… assemble the gasket to the cover pressing it into the groove. (A little goes a long way here! I use my gloved fingertip to apply). 

Then you can carefully use the edge of your bench or another flat surface to press the flat valve cover areas on to gently help the gasket seat in the cover after you’ve got it started. 

-another sealant that “sticks” quickly is gas-ca-cinch if you can find it. But grip glue is readily available usually. I don’t recall what ThreeBond the book recommends but I’ve never been able to easily order it through the usual channels I have access to… 

*reminder for NO sealant in the “half-moon” areas like you may be used to doing on other engine/models. 

HTH, Skip

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