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Installing lowering kit


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A question for people who have installed shorter fork springs and rear link arm: does the springs can be changed without taking the cowl(s) away, is there enough space to pass with only turning the fork ?

To change the rear link is there an easier way than to take the rear wheel/mudguard off?


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Thks for the video! Just finished install the arm, kind of, as you pointed out, straight forward! 
Now I “just” have to attack the forkS!! Spring goes in the most front tube …. Right????🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

Thks again!!

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The front fork leg (41mm) is responsible for guidance and direction setting, maintaining a constant wheel track of 16.14 inches. Legally, that classifies the NIKEN as a motorcycle says Yamaha. Inside the front fork, there's only oil, with spring and damping duties handled by the larger 43mm diameter rear legs.


HyperPro Settings.jpg


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Finally done.... between the kit and the sport seat I am now able to touch the ground with my small legs (jean legs size: 30), now if there is a way to shave 50 pounds of the weight?

Welder humor: a key holder made with the cut off part from the side-stand!



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Interested to hear how you feel she rides before and after lowering.

Can you share your weight and how many clicks you have on the suspension front and rear?

Four rearview mirrors... there's your extra weight 😁

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