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Givi D2159S Shield for 2021+ T9

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Hi all, searched the forums for info on this shield and while there are many topics on shields, and several (not good) reviews of other older Givi shields, I could not find anyone that has tried the D2159S.  So, has anyone tried this particular screen?  I'm looking at it because it looks about 2-3" shorter than the OEM screen which should put my helmet in clean air while still offering some reasonable wind protection. 



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I didn't care for the GIVI touring screen on my FZ-01, it produced a lot of turbulence and buzzing and it wore away the paint on the fairing.  Replaced it with a Zero Gravity touring screen and found the right one.


Now that I have a T9GT i find that the screen is in the same ball park as the Zero Gravity one, minimal turbulence and relatively quiet.  I will save between $150 to $200 by not buying an aftermarket screen,😁

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