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I need a top case rack for my Tracer 9 GT.  I have a previously used Givi case from another bike, I just need the rack.  But, it seems like a lot of items for the Tracer 9 GT are out of stock.  Here's what I've found:

Yamaha OEM (not sure this really fits the Tracer 9 GT) https://yamaha-motor.com/p/mt-fz-rear-rack-top-case-mount

Shad (doesn't seem to be in stock anywhere) https://www.shadusa.com/products/tracer-9-gt-2021-top-mount

Hepco & Becker (out of stock where I've checked)https://www.motomachines.com/hepco-becker-rear-easyrack-yamaha-tracer-9-21

Anybody know of others?  Does the Yamaha really fit the Tracer 9 GT? Are any of the listed ones available anywhere?  Thanks for any help. 

By the way, I tried to insert the links above but they did not work.  Maybe I don't have enough posts to be able to insert links?



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I bought my Givi rear rack and monokey plate for the '22 Tracer 9 gt from sportsbikeshop.co.uk with free shipping to the US. It's the SRA 2159 model. Their website still says free shipping to the US, but when I click on it, it says unable to ship to my country. I'd give them a call to confirm. It was cheaper than I could find and in stock. Received it in less than a week. You can mount any of the Givi monokey topcases on it.





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SW-Motech has a rack and adapter...  I  have a Givi monolock (not monokey) case (Kawasaki branded) that I use between my T9GT and Kawasaki C14.

Works great and although the Kawasaki logo is there, at least the blue color matches which I'm happy with!

If you have the monokey case, they do have an adapter if the plate above that kingfisher is referencing isn't available. SW-Motech has their US store based here in the PNW - Portland OR.

Here's what I have

Adventure rack: https://sw-motech.us/products/luggage/luggage+racks/ADVENTURE-RACK/4052572208854.htm

Monolock adapter kit for adv. rack: https://sw-motech.us/products/luggage/luggage+racks/ADVENTURE-RACK/4052572050095.htm






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I should have said that I have a Givi Monolock top case and an adapter plate that the case will connect to.  I could attach the plastic adapter plate to almost any rack.

Thanks for the two good leads.  I think the Givi rack that Kingfisher showed or the SW-Motech rack that robzilla showed would work.  But, I can't tell about the vertical support that the racks have; does the vertical support underneath the racks seem sufficient to keep the rack from flexing a lot with the weight of a loaded case?




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Tour and Ride is a great Givi supplier, and they have the Monokey rear rack:


Givi stuff is, as you know, ridiculously strong. On early FJ models, the rack kit even included reinforcement plates to address a weak spot in the frame.

Whether you could adapt a Monolock case to this, I don't know, but it would be worth an email to Tour and Ride to see.

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Back when I was looking for a to-case for my 900 GT they were very hard to find.  Wound up putting my email address in with Revzilla and was able to jump on one when it came available.  Something I like about the Yamaha topcase is it can be keyed to match the ignition and side cases.

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