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Niken Front tire duration as experienced by owners

How long are your Niken front tires lasting before replacing? (Assuming regular tire wear, not replacement due to punctures /damage)  

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  1. 1. Front tire duration

    • < 1k miles (1610 km)
    • 1k miles (1610 km) < Niken front tire life < 3k miles (4828km)
    • 3k miles (4828km) < Niken front tire life < 5k miles (8047km)
    • 5k miles (8047km) < Niken front tire life < 7k miles (11266 km)
    • 7k miles (11266 km) < Niken front tire life < 9k miles (14484 km)
    • 9k miles (14484 km) < Niken front tire life < 11k miles (17703 km)
    • 11k miles (17703 km) < Niken front tire life < 13k miles (20922 km)
    • > 13k miles (20922 km)
    • Not yet replaced

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Trying to get a sampling of what Niken owners are experiencing in terms of front tire wear life.  Obviously many factors come into play  e.g. Traction control and riding mode settings, how hard you ride, road conditions, local weather, etc.  But wanted to get a better idea of  what the average front tire life for  Niken owners.  From what I'm reading anecdotally in various Niken forums, the front tire life seems to be almost as short as the  first  generation Acura NSXs which had super grippy tires paired with very aggressive toe-in which resulted in rear tire life as short at 3k miles (4828km). 

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Bought bike used and have no idea when the pr4 fronts were installed. They're at 2 mm or less depth/wear bars. But I'll keep track of the new ones I'm installing next week. If I don't do better than a lot of you they will be worn out this riding season.

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