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Saddlebag problem???

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I have a friend who has an older FJR 1300 and he was looking at my FJ09 and saying that the saddlebags are the same. He also mentioned that the side saddlebags have been known to come off (at least on the FJR) and showed me the fix of a pin through the bottom mount. I told him that I had not seen this on the FJ/tracer forum.  Has anyone had or heard of the side bags coming off on the FJ???


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Two things on the FJR..... if they weren't installed correctly, they could come off.  Double check once they're on and latched.  You should never have a problem.

Some accidentally abused the mechanism that brings the tongue up to retain them.  That can skip a tooth and result in the tongue not protruding far enough. 

Some panicked and drilled and pinned the bottom mount.

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Good info, RaY.
Never reported to be an “issue” here, @Robber

As with a lot of stuff on the internet you need a certain perspective about what you read.  The only people posting about it happening to them, are the ones that had it happen and they felt the need to gripe somewhere. 2-5 owners on a forum complaining vs the thousands of owners of a bike model sold over decades of FJR production that have NOT posted about how they’ve NEVER had a problem…. You haven’t heard from those people about how they never had an issue… the bags worked just fine for them.

So is it really a “problem”? Or was it not installed correctly by the people that griped who then claim it’s a “design problem”?

Food for thought.


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