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Welp Tonight I Joined the Busted Oil Sump Club (Just a small rant because now I cant ride)

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Pretty much as the title states, I was heading home from a work event tonight in semi dark and the front wheel went over something about 1/2 inch (about 12 ish mm) and heard a small hit, then something hit my center stand but the rear wheel did not go over the object. Figured it was something small maybe a rock or what ever that got kicked up.

Next light looked over the side of the bike and everything appears fine.. Carry on.

Got close to home (about 15 minutes later) and smelled burning oil, but never minded it because around here occasionally we get cars that are not taken care of that .. well burn oil..

Pulled into the back of my house, got off and looked at the back of the bike and the rear tire had droplets, dried, on the left side.. I'm thinking what did I hit a can of soda maybe?

Look around to the front and there is it.. a puddle of oil forming under the front.

Quickly put the bike in the garage and put the oil pan under it and check the sight glass for oil. Plenty left over and while its dripping about one drop every 2 seconds its not a lot.

Further investigation shows two small impacts on the oil sump, one a few millimeters to the right of the drain plug, small, but enough to cause a hairline fracture and an oil weep. There is another small impact under the sump that other then the impact did not cause oil loss.

The exhaust is cover in oil, and the rear wheel has some on it but nothing too concerning.

So while I am thankful that this event was not more .. ah.. exciting.. and I'm safe.. I now need to get this repaired and also checking out the thread (Buy a Skidplate) for suggestions on skidplates

I want find a nice lightweight and thin skid plate for the bike, I really don't want a bulky looking thing on a bike that looks like well performance. Looking at the SW-Motech Yamaha Tracer 9 GT RN70.

As for the bike its self, it will most likely go to the shop for replacement and have my comprehensive insurance cover the cost of this. These days between work and life I don't have it in me to replace this my self at this moment. I can also get my O2 and Flash recall done on it too while its in the shop.

As for the rest of the bike. I checked the front and rear wheels for impact, scuffing, anything and they are fine. I looked over the rest of the bike (center stand that I think got hit) and everything appears fine. Plenty of oil left over and the oil light never came on.

What ever I hit it was metal thats all I know


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Glad you are ok first and foremost, damn what a bad luck situation that was. That SW Motech would be the only sump plate I would consider for this bike, hope your baby gets repaired and back up and running soon. 

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I looked at lots of options, hoping to save some bucks, and also ended up coughing up the long green for the SW-Motech. It's just that much more solid than anything else.

Basically, it's mounted to the engine, but with sheet metal brackets that are designed to bend rather than break the case where they're mounted. In other words, it'll defend against all that crap that bounces up into the engine, but of course it's not going to work for heavy impacts like hopping logs or curbs.

At least the oil pan on these engines is replaceable.

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Agree glad you're ok, but that sucks you have to get this repaired and get the engine guard protection.

Regarding the Twisted Throttle price, its cheaper direct from SW Motech =>



There is a black color version but priced at $338.95. I would probably just get the lower price and silver color as long as stock is available.


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Yea looking back on things the outcome was pretty much the best that it could be, didn't go down, didn't get hurt and the tracer still got me home.

Already was looking at getting the engine guard direct from SW-Motech, silver is cheaper by almost 100, and a little rattle can paint with black and the signature Yamaha purple stripe might look nice. Reality tho, I'm just going to get the black belly pan anyway. I think it will just look better

I got in contact with a moto shop to have the sump / oil pan replaced and i just need to schedule a time for them to pick it up. If there is one good thing, this part is replaceable at least.

Insurance is a joke, filed a claim, they asked if my airbags went off, and other car specific questions while I kept on reminding them this is for my motobike. This is another story for another day.

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