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DIY RAM ball mount bracket between the eyes (Tracer 9 '21 onwards (tested on '23))


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Hi All, 

I have made a DIY bracket for my tracer 9 '23 based on an M8 thread RAM mount ball mounted between the "eyes" of the dash.

It's made of 2 aluminum L-profiles of 5x5cm (approx 2"x2") which clamp to the metal base of the screen mount (not the sliding part). I wrapped it in some carbon sticker I had lying around, might take it off at some point to give it a spray-paint instead.

Screenshot2023-10-03195649.thumb.jpg.9c74a8ab2b63e020f656f2ab798e89e1.jpg Screenshot2023-10-03195714.thumb.jpg.06af22e40c7774b3beb2640c3adfa31c.jpgScreenshot2023-10-03194720.thumb.jpg.278db1996f5350cdffb4131a05a2f6b9.jpg



The Ram mount attaches to my TomTom baseplate.



Or my modified SP connect anti vibration phone mount. With the phone in portrait mode it matches the width of the screen height adjustment lever and keeps the green indicator arrows in sight (something i tend to forget sometimes and most of the satnav/phone mounts obstructs some of the dash). 


It ticks my boxes:

  • Central mount
  • Not too low down to enable keeping the eyes on the road
  • Screen adjustment lever can still be used
  • Can also be used with the short puig screen 
  • Solid connection to the bike

I'm happy with it!

I do have the longer/higher screen adjustment lever compared to older models, so if you would consider doing the same take this into account.

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This looks great, it is KISS. I like it.

Maybe i will steal your idea and make it work on my Tracer as well.

Maybe i can modify the Cosmo brackets a little to make it work. 

I was trying to fabricate something to add to the centre bolt between the 2 screens. This is a bit more solid and easy to fabricate.

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Hi Ron, 

Sorry to hear you are also considering other options, that would mean the Cosmo isn't what you hoped it would be?

To get you started I have made a quick sketch on how it looks like under the plastic cover that sits directly behind the clocks. There are some internal obstacles in the way under the plastic that you need to avoid to make it sit flush.



Unfortunately I don't have any sizing for you 😔

It took a lot of on and off and filing to get it right😅.

And there isn't a lot of room around there to work with. (cant count the number of times I dropped nuts and bolts through the fairings).

Also the screen adjustment just clears the bolt and nut that is on the screen side of the bracket. It's not y much though.

Also interested to see what your shorter screen adjustment would lever would impact on the design (always welcome come over and try to swap them over to see if it still works)


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