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  1. I recently purchased an TopSellerie Seat. It is a great seat, and a big improvemant compared to the original seat. They have a seat configurator, which allows you to configure your seat to your own wishes (gel, heating, stiching collor, edings, choice of materials, etc....) They don't have any resellers in the US, but you probably con order through the website. Worth a try?
  2. I owned 3 Triumphs. I owned a Daytona 600 4 cilinder , a SpeedTriple 105 Daytona 675. Loved the 3 cilinder, so that's why i bought an Tracer 900.
  3. Do you have a link where to buy one? Is it alone available in blue?
  4. Hmmmm, they don't ship to the Netherlands. I will lookat e-bay to see if there are other sellers.
  5. Thanks, that will do the trick as well i guess. What is the lengte of those sliders?
  6. I don't Amy crashbars mounted on Tracy. I want to use the mountingpoints where the crashpads are installed, the bolts in the frame of the bike itself. I don't knie of there are Amy highwaysteps which can be mounted on those points.
  7. Is there anyone who had mounted highwaysteps on huis/her Tracer? The reading for asking is my upcoming motortrip. I think this will be a nice thing to have onboard of Tracy, when cruising long distance. Just wondering.......
  8. Thanks, only one of the 3 is applied the wrong way. At the bottom, there are two Tracer logo's next tot eachother.
  9. I have the Lava Red Tracer, and i used These, and it matches the red of the bike.
  10. Try this link (YAMAHA OEM PARTS). Should bring you everything you are looking for.
  11. Took this picture of mine Tracer in Belgium, at an American cemetery. Henri-Chapelle American Cemetery
  12. Here in Europe, the Tracer is known as the MT-09, and in the US it is known as the FJ-09, so it should fit.
  13. Got mine by mail yesterday. Looks pretty nice on the bike. Very happy with it.