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Indoor/Outdoor bike cover

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I was looking for a bike cover for the FJ but no one seems to make one that fits it directly. Yamaha has a "half" cover (useless? imho) but I needed something that would cover the entire bike. So I started searching this forum and couldn't find anything(?)
Anyways, after looking around I found MotoCentric Centrek Motorcycle Cover large size which is an all purpose cover. I only got it today and it seems to fit pretty well. It could be considered a little snug lengthwise but I would imagine the elastic would wear out after a bit. The one thing I didn't like is the bungee hooks location. On both sides its about between the two foot pegs and there's really nothing to hook them to so I ended up hooking the left side to the kickstand and the right side to the rear peg.
In any case the reviews seemed pretty good for standing up to some of the elements but I wont know until I get some more use out of it. Just thought I'd share since I didn't really see anyone posting any info for one.
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for anyone in the UK, this is recommended - currently on offer for a tenner
I used it on a R1150GS and then a Super Tenere. Both had a top box fitted. It should fit a Tracer with 20 litre side cases.
It lasted many years until it eventually weakened from several years exposure to sunlight, which will get all covers eventually.
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I've used two of these Nelson riggs covers from Amazon.  I think I had a large on my FZ6r which fit great and i have either an XL or XXL on my FJ-09 (can't remember i bought it for a previous bike).  It covers it up great and there is extra room to spare but it doesn't flop around.  I haven't actually used the hooks, but I can tell the shape of the bike would make a smaller size cover really difficult to fit properly.  All of the protrusions make it a pain to take off (Peg feelers, signals etc), but are still worth it as the bike is very sexy.  
Edit- They are durable for outdoor use, but I did try to keep my fz6r covered while hauling it and the cover began to rip, so they are not durable enough for hauling while covered.
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