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Heated Liner/Vest Question


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The mornings here can get very cold. Also admittedly I like to be toasty, so I am looking for a heated liner. I also intend to use it for other purposes. I was sold on a gerbing liner right up until the other day. I was going to get the full liner but then found out the sleeves do not have any actual heating in them. This is ok, I just thought why have the sleeves if there is no heat - so I thought maybe get the vest instead. When I have long sleeves on and I then put on my riding jacket the sleeves tend to bunch. No big deal but why go through it if I can get the vest.
So the garbing vest is cool, but it doesn't come with the controller, that is separate. I also found many cheaper options. I don't mind spending the money for a good product but also do not want to blow the money for no benefit. Does anyone have any experience or preference on a heated liner they could share?
Thanks in advance!
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I have an Aerostich Kanetsu electric vest, and it's been fantastic for the 13 years I've owned it. It packs small, and comes with the power cord. I have a digital thermostat, but only use it for longer trips. I don't think they sell that any longer, but you don't really need it anyway.
This is the current version: http://www.aerostich.com/clothing/heated-gear/kanetsu-electrics/aerostich-kanetsu-tltec-wind-blocker-electric-vest.html
Trust me that a heated vest is one of the best investments you can make! It makes a huge difference in rider comfort.
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can you get the UK Giali/Klan brand wherever you are?
http://www.klan-heated-clothing.com/klan-heated-jackets-c-71.html - no list of stockists but you could use the contact page
The kit has a good reputation. I don't use it myself but an idiotic friend who goes to the Elefantreffen in Bavaria in January uses it.
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Mace,  The Gerbings liner has always had heat in the sleeves.  Mine is the (now) old type with wires, while the new ones have the micro heating pads.  I'd check with the Garbing people to be sure on this point.  Gerbing and Warm and Safe are the two that I would recommend.  I had an Aerostitch one and the wires all broke in a couple of years.  But keep in mind that these things are all redesigned since most of us bought them, so the current versions will not necessarily have the same problems of the older designs.  Also, you definitely want a variable heat control.  No on/off switches if you're wanting to really use this on the bike.
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