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Calling Washington State riders: Ventura luggage needs you!


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Just got off the phone with Tim, from Pashnit.com who is now selling Ventura luggage systems. Ventura doesn't have the FJ-09 listed (imagine that.....) in their catalog, and he suggested that they might be needing a bike to set up from. Is anyone interested? You might score a free luggage system for your efforts. I live in Oklahoma, and am reluctant to miss the exciting tornado season that launched recently, or I would cruise out and lend them my bike. I have been a big fan of Ventura luggage for years, and hope we can get some for our bikes. Would appreciate any one participating in this keeping us posted on the results.
Just got off the phone with Ventura in Lynwood, Washington, and they do NOT do fabrication. That's the bad news. The good news is that the manufacturing plant in New Zealand is looking for an FJ-09 to use to work off of. They ar ACUELY aware of the popularity of the FJ-MT-09s and are very anxious to get a product in the chain! I will be making a weekly cruise of their website, and they said they will be splashing it big time for us. Stay tuned!!!
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