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Alignment #s Question


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After a less-than-ideal experience at the dealers trying to correct twisted forks on my brand new FJ, I decided to check the wheel alignment myself. 
- it's been years since I've done this, so please double-check my #s.
- rear wheel is 180mm, front is 120mm. 
- using the string method, I should have 30mm (1/2 of 60mm) or 1 3/16" between the string and front tire on either side.
- I measured a 1 3/8" space on the right and 7/8" on the left, so my alignment is out 1/2" or 13mm.
- is that out by a good bit? Not bad? What's the +/- specs?  
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470FAB28-807C-46F3-A5CC-E3C2468C02D7.jpgSure enough. I had to bring the right side back about 4 turns and the front forward a turn. Both sides of the front tire now now measure exactly 1 3/16" as expected! Good when a plan comes together.
-So, it was off by a good bit out of the dealership. Even less impressed w/ them now.
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