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purpose of the rubber damper blocks


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Does anyone know the purpose of the rubber blocks inside the "C" section of the swingarm?   They are held in place by a steel plate bolted inside the swingarm and there is one in each arm of the swingarm.  The parts microfiche indicates they are "dampers".  I can't figure it out and it bugs me.
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pictures? are they openings that are remnants from the casting process? The Super Tenere had two rubber plugs on the inside of each swing arm leg.
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I would imagine they're there to damp any higher-frequency harmonic vibration.
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i've got no pictures.  If you take a quick look at your swingarm you will see what i am speaking of on the inside of each 'arm' of the swingarm.  You can see them easily.  They are large blocks of very dense rubber held in place by steel plates bolted over them. 
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