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Lowered my '22 Tracer 9GT

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I doubt it would be lowered 1.5-2” unless they’re non Yamaha parts.
That much lowering will have you scraping the stand and pegs at most corners unless you’re a very conservative rider. 
The factory Yamaha lowering links bring the rear down 15mm, you usually do the front by the same amount to keep the steering geometry the same. 
I have a 29” inseam and have lowered mine 15mm all round, but I also have shorter feelers and raised the stand by around 10mm. 
Can’t stand flat footed but the bike is so light that it doesn’t worry me. Rough dirt roads can sometimes be a pain, but still manage. 
Make sure the seat is in the low position. 

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Found the receipt for the parts, Lowering link, 1.25". Also had the shorter kick stand installed at the same time.

Sorry for the incorrect information, I was off by a quarter of an inch.

I'll keep the seat in the higher position, ergonomically it works best for me.

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