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awaiting delivery and consumer street justice

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So... after dealing with the closest dealer to my house.. I finally told them no thanks. Two separate bikes were sold while I just happened to be on my way to the shop.. royally pissed me off as I live an hour away. I tried to be creative with my street justice...
I put the (refundable) deposit down on another bike, because they kept telling me they were sorry about selling them while I was on my way but the bikes are SOOO popular, then I had them order almost every Yamaha goodie from the catalog. I waited 48 - 72 hours or so.. made sure everything was ordered. Then promptly cancelled my order, of everything. Smiled and chuckled when I told them I'm sorry when they whined how they traded two bikes to get one for me and how much money they were out... which, as we all know, is complete BS.
Anyway, called a dealer another 30 minutes away, over the phone, in 30 minutes I worked out a deal and had paid for the bike (25% up front, refundable if they don't make their delivery) with a guaranteed delivery date and all accessories I want ordered with a discount. Oh, that delivery, is to my house. The sales guy and one of their tech's are going to trailer it to me then do the walk-around and they said they'd set up/change suspension if I want them to. This guy actually seemed like he WANTED to sell a bike and be cool about things. All in all, a very pleasant experience.
That's the experience I wanted in the first place. I couldn't in good conscience spend that kind of money and not feel good about it. Like it or not, this is a luxury "fun" item and if the whole process isn't positive, then thanks but no thanks. Now I feel great about it.. Other than having to wait another 24 hours or so!!
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Some dealers want to sell bikes and some want to stand around. My closest dealer told me one Candy Red FJ would arrive in their July shipment and I would have to wait. I called another shop (K& B Motorsports) 18 miles away and he told me "give me 20 minutes to call around". 10 minutes later he told me he'd have a red one the next afternoon. I picked it up two days later. Should have called them first.
K and B Motorsports in Petaluma, Ca is a great shop. I have been doing business with since 1993.
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The sales staff at K&B is top notch.  It's always a pleasure to deal with them.  I've not had the same experience with the service staff however.  Too bad, because I like the shop.  The techs could stand implementing a little more finesse and attention to detail....  Glad you got your FJ!!
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