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9 gt first oil change / capacity?

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14 hours ago, Hamilton Tracer said:

While we are on this topic.  I'm in the market for a new torque wrench.  Do you guys have any suggestions.

I've used a Canadian Tire version for 10 plus years.  

I think it's been telling me the truth but I've never verified with something high end.

You’ve gotten some good advice already so I’ll just echo what’s been said and say you’ll never get 1 wrench to cover everything so prepare for 2 or more. The smaller the fastener, and the lighter the spec, the more accurate you need to be so I’d suggest a very good quality small 1/4” drive one, a good quality 3/8” drive unit and your 1/2” can be a lesser known or I have an old Craftsmen beam style wrench. Lots of people bag on the Harbor Freight stuff but if you read honest reviews and tests they will be within the specs you need them to be. As well, torque specs almost universally have a +/-10% tolerance so a little off won’t kill anyone or immediately strip a bolt.

Snap-on and the like are great tools and you’ll never regret buying expensive in a torque wrench but don’t let not being able to afford top of the line to stop you from buying. I have an SK Tools 1/4”, a couple 3/8” ones (Craftsmen, Shimano, HF and another I can’t remember, all click at the same time, fyi) and my already mentioned beam style big one. Just store them correctly and you’ll be fine for a long time. There are a few videos on YouTube that will compare wrenches, it’s very enlightening. 

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