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'18 GT cruise control - dash doesnt light up!

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Hi internet folks,

I'm hoping for your collected wisdom to help identify and fix my cruise issue, before i head to my nearest Yam garage. 

I can not activate my cruise control on my 2018 GT - 19500 miles -  the dash light doesn't come on at all, all my brake lights are working exactly as should. I have tried the following so far:

- replaced the known front stop switch with the latest part number (this had also been done by the previous owner of the bike under the recall)

- bought and test fitted a full left hand controls module - (glad i didn't strip the handgrips and thought to do the test first!)

Help please?? is there a simple fuse/relay hidden somewhere? 




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I had replaced this fuse, but your message has made it dawn of me that i didn't check that the blade fuse i put in was a good one........................

in other news - anyone UK based want to buy a Stop Switch and LH control module 🫣

Thank you The Cheese! 

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  • Supporting Member

With the clutch pulled in, can you start the bike in gear?  I'm wondering if the clutch safety switch got damaged? or not connected?

***2015 Candy Red FJ-09***

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In addition to fuse checks, does the '18 use a OBD2 and is it located under the seat? Maybe get a quick diagnosis check to see if anything comes up then get it checked out. Otherwise do a reset if possible.


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