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Penske remote reservoir mount clamp

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Looking for a better looking way of clamping my remote reservoir from double adjustable Penske 8900 series shock. Hate how the 2 supplied hose clamps look. Reservoir attaches to Penske supplied "Z" shaped alloy extender. I added the rubber under the clamps. How would you improve this?


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Not that it would make a lot of difference, but I’d get some black rubber and turn the clamps so you can’t see the screws. 
If you’re really concerned paint the clamps black. 

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I have the rubber mount like you are using, I have it on the foot peg mount.  You can tell by how dirty my bike is just how much I'm not bothered by the looks of the hose clamp.



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You might consider "Snug-Fit Vibration-Damping Loop Clamps" from McMaster-Carr. They come in sizes up to over 4", and should be pretty easy to implement.



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