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Hello from Victoria, BC

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"Woah, is that the Batcycle?" asks my neighbour. Yes. Yes it is. 
Just rode my new grey FJ-09 home last night, and I've got some adjusting to do to the height. Not a physical adjustment to the bike, but I'm coming off a Ninja 300, so I've got to get used to feeling so tall out there. 
Victoria, BC is basically Canada's paradise. Not that it doesn't get cold, but it rarely goes below freezing, so layering up is about all you have to do to ride through the year. Still ordered the heated grips though, and they should be in next week. 
Dealers weren't letting anyone try before you buy up here, so I had to buy the bike on faith and early reviews. Originally I was torn between a Triumph Street Triple R and a Ninja 1000. I feel like the FJ-09 is what you get if those two bikes had a baby. It's kind of naked without being naked. It's kind of a supersport without being a supersport. It's kind of a touring bike without being a touring bike. I think Yamaha made a new category. A Semi-naked Super Tour?
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Guest eatpasta
you're coming off a Ninja 300? That's quite a lot more poop than a 250 twin..... but awesome choice! I think you made the right one for sure.
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